How to Add Commercial Strength in My Mobile App?

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How to Add Commercial Strength in My Mobile App?


In the current era, mobile devices are integrated into our daily routine which makes some of the users a bit uncomfortable if they are not connected. There was a time in past years that the mobile phones only had two functions and that was sending texts and calling. Now smartphones are here and they are multifunctional devices through which you can communicate, earn, learn, and much more. These functions become possible because of outstanding mobile applications development. 

Before this evolution, businesses were advised to strengthen their mobile application strategy. Due to this now every business owner prefers a mobile-first approach. Apps are not only responsible for business growth but they can also help in finding new and exciting ideas to change their customers’ daily lives. 

Back in the twentieth century, mobile devices only had small arcade games, calculators, ringtones, calendars, etc. Hence, the start of the new millennium experienced a drastic market evolution of mobile applications and content. Even after the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, app stores netted almost $50.1 at the beginning of 2020 which was 23.4% from 2019. The first-time app installation also rises to 26.1% and now getting 71.5 billion downloads. 

However, this transformation also depends on the market demand. Mobile app users across the globe are spending almost 87% time on apps while 13% use mobile websites. It’s also because users are adopting work from home practice, wish to stay connected 24/7, and earn at the same time.

Commercial Strength in Mobile Apps:


Many businesses around the globe are providing a massive range of services and products. With digital world transformation, they are also migrating from the physical business process of hanging billboards, leaflets, printing advertisements, to the mobile-first world.

Businesses that do not have mobile apps for their company, should learn about its benefits and how it can help them grow revenue. Avail of this big opportunity to attract your potential customers from anywhere in the world.

  • How Mobile Apps Can Help Optimize Business?

The worth of a mobile app for any business is quite tangible. All services of mobile app development are truthfully recommended for every individual who wishes to optimize their business sales. Following are some factors of mobile apps and how they can help you optimize your business;

Brand Boosting

Since the slogan or logo or your company is visible on the user's mobile screen, it’s impossible to forget or ignore your business/product/service. Moreover, you can leverage a certain benefit against your competitors by adopting this strategy. If you want to optimize your business instantly then build a mobile application. It’s an excellent & effective way to improve your brand and its reputation.

Improves Customer Experience

Using a mobile application can improve your overall customer experience. They will be able to access your services and products easily anytime from anywhere. This process is beneficial for businesses that don't have a 24/7 helpline service available. A mobile app also allows you to add an outstanding feature where customers can contact you without browsing your website.

Work as a Marketing Tool

Other than easy usability and accessibility, a mobile app can work as a valuable marketing tool that can help in your business optimization. How? Well, you can start by integrating your business app with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and other social media platforms.

A single hit can allow customers to share their network with your mobile experience and leave their reviews. This practice will give you free publicity. Moreover, your push notification option can instantly send updates or other promotional events updates to your prospects and customers.

Secure More Customers

Remember, consumers nowadays are continuously jumping from one brand to another because they are addicted to their cell phones. Indeed, they never lack in appreciating an engaging and useful mobile app of any business worldwide. If the app allows them to kill or save time, they can suggest it to their friends and family. 

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Business

Hence, business owners from different industries and areas of interest heavily rely on advanced technology to have a successful transaction with customers. Mobile apps are incredibly beneficial, especially for the e-commerce business market. Year-on-year the Australian e-commerce market is escalating steadily. At the beginning of 2019, the revenue within the same market was more than 36 billion U.S dollars. Moreover, the following are some benefits of having a mobile app for business;

High Customer Engagement Level

Mobile is one of the efficient and reliable ways of increasing revenue generation and brand loyalty. This will eventually enhance the customer engagement level. If you can boost the customer engagement frequency successfully, you may also have a Return of Investment, customer lifetime value, and much more. Moreover, you need to focus on certain features like user segment, target segment, etc.

Offer Unique Features & Services

In this digitally transformed world, the competition is quite high and to stay ahead you must offer some unique services and features. Your unique and efficient mobile app features can keep your customers engaged. So, add some features like a voice detector, navigator, and much more to achieve your goals.

Compete Smartly & Proficiently

The best part of having a mobile app for your business is that it helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors. However, after years of research and innovations, the apps are still rare. 

If you have an app with unique features for the business it means you can easily attract your potential consumer’s attention. 

It will also allow you to capture a massive part of the relevant market share. So, by the time your competitor knows about the benefits of a mobile app, you might build a strong yet massive number of loyal customers.

Geo-Targeting Marketing & Direct Communication

Undoubtedly, mobile applications are effective and hasty when it comes to promotional offers, discounted rates, improved features, new services, etc. These are direct ways of communicating with customers and it allows you to deliver valuable information like geographical locations, demographics, and shopping attitude. 

All of them are according to the services and products. The main goal is to help understand market requirements and plan a strong marketing strategy.

Usage of Mobile Apps in Businesses Worldwide

Since the world is transforming into a mobile-first world, many businesses are considering mobile apps for their services and products. Hence, this is the best practice to discover and attract all potential customers. 

As for mobile app development companies, you may witness that they develop apps for both iOS and Android. It’s more helpful for businesses to target their customers globally. Here is some usage of mobile apps in the businesses worldwide you should discover;

Enhance Accessibility to Customers

With mobile apps, you will experience better and efficient accessibility of your business towards potential customers. It is because there are almost billions of smartphone users in the world. If you have an app then these billions of users can leverage your services remotely. Moreover, you can send promotional offers and discount notifications to all your customers at once. This is another way of having an effective digital marketing strategy.

Better Business Exposure

In the current era, people spend most of their time using smartphones. By most means of most, it’s not just a few hours of the day where users only scroll down their emails and newsfeed. Usually, they are working, connecting, browsing, and much more via smartphone.

Hence, smartphones have broadened user’s exposure, especially businesses. They now have better visibility in front of their potential customers which also allows them to grow worldwide seamlessly. It’s because users tend to associate graphics with images that they see more often.

Foundation of Information & Data

For the sake of efficient growth, businesses should prefer mobile apps as a foundation of information about customers' behavioral patterns, geographical, preferences, etc. This well-detailed and aligned data helps a business owner in making important decisions. 

Thus, you may think of this part of a mobile app as a set of collective data but it has far-reaching implications which can improve customer experience and boost sales.

Keeps User-Experience Entertaining

Indeed, business owners are considering mobile apps to boost their sales and ROI (return of investment). They are now leveraging this platform to help their customers to experience simple and smooth access to your services and products from anywhere at any time. 

However, the steady usage of mobile apps by users and customers over time boosts the development of the brand or business. The customers can search, purchase, and pay for the services or product at any given time. Customer-centric mobile applications are progressively becoming effective marketing tools. 

These feature-rich and customer-oriented mobile apps are for everything that anyone can possibly need in their daily routine. For example, there are apps for food, clothing, education, communication, and many more. Indeed, these mobile applications are making daily routine work tremendously easy. But the major difficulty is to identify the purpose of an app and utilize its features properly to attain the necessary experience and optimum satisfaction. 

However, there is no doubt that the mobile app development industry is remarkably flourishing with everyday development. The companies are also ready and willing to adopt new technology for the sake of their user’s needs and satisfaction.

Generate More Revenue by a Mobile App, Here’s how:


As we all know that free apps have always outstripped the paid ones in terms of both downloads and profits. So, what do you think about the money a paid and free mobile app makes? Have you thought of how an individual even makes money from an app? 

Before you get your answers, let’s make it clear that the app boom has not ended and it won’t any sooner. Even after the decrease of app revenues went from 75.9% to 37.8%, the app market is still worth billions of billion U.S dollars.

Have Paid Mobile Apps

When you are planning to develop a mobile app, the first option you come across is the paid one. Your users will only have further accessibility after making a payment. This means that you have to develop an app that has a paid feature. It can start from downloading a paid app to purchasing a service or product within your business app. Nevertheless, you must remain cautious not to overwhelm your users with exaggerated fees.

Leverage Freemium Apps

Undoubtedly, freemium apps practice is among the most efficient and effective ways to enhance the monetary value of an app. It includes some amazing free features but with limited functionalities which are perfect for a starter pack. Once you get a positive response from your potential customers then you should pay for the features’ unlimited functionalities.

Enhance Localization

Many business owners’ first priority while launching a mobile app is to keep it easy, simple, and responsive. Now, this approach also requires them to localize their content for all users to understand what it demands.

For instance, your business needs to use languages that are simple and understandable for every user all across the world. With a localization strategy, you can get around via communication barriers. As a result, you will end up luring more users. 

Capitalize in Users’ LTV (Lifetime Value)

With unique and responsive mobile apps, now you have to find a value that your users accumulate over time. This strategy is referred to as users’ lifetime value and the best part is that it ensures that your user sustains the evolution of the mobile app.

Moreover, you can use this technique for deep linking to connect users directly to their preferred activity of the app. You must also have a user-friendly interface for this strategy which includes simple content and design that the user can understand the app’s functionalities easily. 

Under this, you will be expected to use techniques such as deep linking to direct users to the exact activity of the app. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have a user-friendly interface. This should entail simple design and content to make users understand the functionality of the application.

Importance of Mobile Apps in The Modern Business Environment

In 2021, before you have a morning tea, you are more likely to visit around twenty mobile apps. It is true and it directly indicates that it’s quite significant to have enough features that keep your users busy, engaged, and attracted to the app.

Moreover, mobile app development is an amazing channel that allows businesses to utilize app functionalities as the top correspondence. The intention is to connect with potential customers and loyal clients efficiently. As a result, many start-ups and enterprise-level businesses are launching their own mobile app to take their business to the next level.

There are still some business owners who inquire whether the app is beneficial for them or not and how. Well, the first step is to prioritize your business needs and then decide whether it wants a mobile app development, design, or none.

Like a retail business, the app contains its own point of interest feature. Similarly, a makeup online shop will have different features concerning the customers’ requirements and their products. Other than requirements, several reasons make a mobile app important in the modern world.  Following are some reasons, take a look;

1.       24/7 Visibility & Availability for Customers

When you have a mobile app for your shop there will be no constraints in terms of time or waiting time. Your customers can shop even at midnight without any delay or wait. The shop will be accessible 24/7 with no holiday or weekend breaks. The mobile app development companies make sure that you can shop  while you are going to sleep or wish to kill your late night cravings.

2.       Increase Brand Recognition & Awareness

To grow your business you have to make your services and products noticeable. You can make it possible with a mobile app easily. Therefore, when your potential customer sees your product several times a day or week, it will help you attract the customer’s attention. If you wish to make it all possible, make sure to hire the best mobile app developer with a creative approach.

3.       Help Build Brand Reliability

Above details are all about potential customers, what about loyal customers? It is important that your customers remain loyal to you. You can start by keeping them hooked on your services or products. This strategy is possible if you have a unique and attractive app for your business. An app will protect your services and products’ strong brand image.

4.       Help Reducing Cost

The best and customer-oriented mobile app allows you to cut the high cost and boost the profitability of the business. Hence, if you are planning to improve your start-up or enterprise-level business, it’s time to get the best mobile application developer on board now. Remember, mobile apps help you in attracting more customers because it works like a marketing tool.

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