Apple in-app Purchases Rules

Reading Time: 1 minute | Date: November 03, 2021 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Branding
Apple in-app Purchases Rules


People may securely pay for digital things with In-App Purchases through a dedicated store within your app. In-App Purchase is a feature that allows users to add premium features, subscribe to recurring content, and buy virtual objects like a new level or a weapon in a game.

  • Create a seamless shopping experience. When people use your store, they shouldn't assume they've entered another app. Showcase products and process transactions in a way that feels natural in your app.
  • Use short, easy-to-understand product names and descriptions. It's ideal if consumers can rapidly scan a list of products and find the ones they want. Use straightforward language and titles that don't wrap or truncate.
  • Use the confirmation alert that is set by default. To prevent unintentional purchases, the system shows a confirmation alert when someone makes an in-app transaction. Make no attempt to change this notice.

Rules of In-App Purchases

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