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A mobile game development company helps you in developing interesting, engaging games from concept to creation. So let Appedology craft the best mobile games for you, from start to finish.


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With unlimited imagination and infinite possibilities, Appedology is one of the Top Mobile Game Companies in USA. Gaming apps are all fun and games till you have to develop them. That is why Game App Development Company knows the game development recipe to create games and involves their design, development, and release. Concepts, game mechanics, rewards, player engagement, and level designs must be sublime.

Mobile phone game developers could be anyone from the programmer, sound designer, artist to a designer. The best game designers hold multiple skills. Even the music in a game and its sound effects help set its mood and cause players to emote with what's happening at that stage. The best iOS and Android games are highly immersive, and a game's audio is arguably just important as its visual elements. Appedology, a game app development company in USA has top designers, developers, and conceptualizers work on your game app projects. We don’t just develop your games, we breathe life into them.  

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Gaming apps provide gamers a sense of accomplishment as they plow through levels, consequently introducing new users to their favorite games. Our app developers are investing time and resources to provide you with the best mobile game development services and create new games and mobile versions of famous games. Whether you need HTML5 game development, or hybrid game app development, our team has got you covered. Since this is a prime time to invest in developing gaming apps let us – as a top mobile game development company, help you create yours.

The best mobile gaming companies generated revenues via smartphones, and tablets also shared a small mobile gaming gross. These are some interesting facts you should go through:

Almost 70% of Americans, or roughly 210 million people, play games on at least one type of mobile device, especially because of CoVid19 supportive quarantines. 90% use their smartphones, spending leisure time playing online or downloading games.
In 2019, USA mobile gaming was worth almost $10 billion and it is likely to grow up to $11.35 billion by 2025 in USA only.
Mobile games made up 40% of revenue for the global market in 2019, creating $49 billion in revenue and $16.9 billion in profit.
Smartphone games generated almost 50% of the global gaming market revenues in 2020. It also includes the games from the whole mobile segment.
The mobile gaming market is predicted to grow 2.9% annually hitting $56.6 billion by 2024.

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