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Apps make our phones indispensible, whether playing games or setting reminders. App development is challenging enough: Android even more so. The Android OS is used in smartphones and devices such as TVs and home appliances making its processes limitless.

Users love it but it is challenging for Android app developers as it involves a lot of subtle design and developmental convolutions. Adopted by so many different manufacturers, building Android apps requires serious skills.

Devices have small screens and simple processors, so developers have to keep code flexible and account for various user scenarios. Design must suit all or most screens, screen resolutions and OS versions, so that all users get the maximum from the application. All in a day’s work!

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Android App Development has become a basic business need. Almost every business has an online entity, accessing customers globally. Why mobile apps are essential is simple math. As Android is an open-source OS, many smartphone manufacturers use it.

Android is ubiquitous; from smartphones, wearables, TVs, and even POSs, it’s everywhere. Android development is innovation-centric. And if your app idea piques Google’s interest and you may get offered support and monetary payback directly from the giant. Since it is social media compatible, sharing is easy, creating easy referrals and marketing services! With this and more: why wait? Your app is just a call to Appedology away.

why is android app development

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Android developers access more development features than iOS, but since Android apps are multi-platform using many screens and versions, apps must be functional on several different devices. These are just some to the steps a developer would need to make note of:

  • Pre-development audits scope market popularity.
  • Post launch bugs and technical issues are fixed and Regular performance and functionality updates done.
  • User feedback heeded for fine tuning specific devices.
  • Google compliance is mandatory.
  • Coding must support all OS versions and systematic updates of previous versions
  • Functionality tested on all Android devices, before Google Play Store launch.
Sounds painstaking? It is, but as a leading Android App Development Company, Appedology makes it possible for you. Easily!

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