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PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor unleashed upon the world in 1994 is a widely-used open source general-purpose
scripting language especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

what made

php revolutionary?

PHP worked its way into popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Word Press and more as its development includes server-side scripting, command line scripting, and desktop application development. Coding in PHP is simple, as an open source language: it is free, easy to use, and has supporting documentation making it a cost-effective way of creating robust websites.

A PHP website allows extensive alterations and can be transformed to meet customer requirements easily using Content Management Systems. PHP Coding runs on all the major platforms, allowing developers to integrate websites across multiple platforms. It is so powerful, flexible and scalable that a Monster App like Facebook runs entirely on it. PHP developers are constantly working on developing extensions and add-ons. And these are just basic benefits, there is much more.

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PHP has a huge collection of resources and tutorials; such resource libraries help simplify and accelerate the data processing abilities of a language. Also, developers get to learn from others across the globe and this is why PHP is popular even today. PHP boosts development and command execution speeds. Operating on a conventional web stack, it allows developers to create bespoke, one-stop solutions solidifying a company’s online presence.

Also, PHP codes are effortlessly embedded into HTML, so developers can easily convert existing static websites into re-vamped, dynamic ones. With a large family of PHP-frameworks such as Laravel, Code Igniter and Core PHP that our Appedology developers use for coding, creates speedy turnaround times, hence you get peace of mind and quicker results.

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php is a great choice

So 26 years after Rasmus Lerdorf changed the world, With such a robust web building resource , Appedology helps you create dynamic web pages, desktop applications and object-oriented programming. You choose, we deliver! PHP stands the test of time because it has:

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