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As cellular use increases, mobile app development and mobile app development service providers boom, because reaching your customers becomes paramount. Our developers and experts at Appedology help you build quintessential mobile app development software for you to make an impact. Being a leading mobile app development company in USA, we provide tailor-made mobile apps that fit our customers perfectly. Our apps help people engage with service providers efficiently and effectively. We develop, optimize and design mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices that increase sales, reach a wider audience and get better client leads.

We aim to continue being one of the best mobile app development agencies, so we warrant our apps have the best graphics, user experience and high end security. With everything handled by a specialized team of experts, you get mobile app development at cost-effective prices and exactly what you visualized. Maybe, even better.


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We are one of the fastest growing, diversely experienced digital transformation companies that generate apps and services using the advanced mobile app development tools. Our team of highly-skilled iOS and Android app developers helps you envision out of the box ideas leading to imaginative apps. From initiation till maintenance, we focus on every minute detail of your requirements.

Apple’s App Store categorizes 24 apps and Google Play has 33, but only a few manage to successfully engage users. These are games, business, lifestyle, entertainment, educational, travel, news and information, and utility apps. No matter what you choose as your type, using extensive planning, high-performance tools, and elbow grease, Appedology develops bespoke solutions making you a strong, visible presence in whatever category you choose.

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Mobile Game Development iOS App

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Android Application?

So you have a vague idea to develop apps for iOS and android phones, but are not sure how or what time it takes. Based on what you want to do, the developer now estimates the total number of hours it will take to develop the app. Expect at least of 300 hours of coding time for a simple app, an average app can take double that. So we’re good to go: let’s start coding.

How Its Done

how it's done



Providing best solutions begins with asking questions. We study your business vision, analyze your users and competitors, examine problems and promote your products commercial strengths. Then transmute that into goals.



After goals comes brainstorming. Our beehive activates, playing with countless different strategies from aesthetics to monetization mechanisms, until we can distil it into one working plan that’s best for you.

uiux designing


Development plan decided on, teams are now structured, and timelines in place. Our developers and designers are buzzing. From mobile to enterprise-scale apps, we work on reliability, flexibility, and scale.

prototype development


Your bespoke digital product is ready for beta testing. Functionality, interface, user-friendliness checked and rechecked. Your app is released to a testing audience and adjustments made. We’re still buzzing!

test deployment


The hive releases your campaign on desired platforms to reach your users. Our developers gather real-time operational and performance data and streamline run-time issues so users have a great experience.

play store

Play Store

We’re with you all the way, data measuring, interpreting, designing new initiatives, updating and re-launching; continuing the transformation we’ve started. You won’t be surprised when we buzz: Let’s do more.

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