What Are The Ways of Making Money from My App?

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What Are The Ways of Making Money from My App?


Nowadays, people around the world are doing a lot of things with mobile app technology. They are connecting, selling, purchasing, and many more things at any time from anywhere. At the same time, the mobile advertising models are also progressing which allow app developers to monetize visitors and view on the basis of data like purchases, location, gender, etc. Mobile app development companies with a tracker for users’ activities are winning quite smoothly. It’s because they are the first-party owner of this valuable data which is unique, latest, and accurate. 

Undoubtedly, the 20th century is the best time to develop a mobile app for your business. Through apps, you can transform an idea into reality which will come into being with the richness of high-quality tools. These tools are mostly for prototyping, designing user interfaces, and writing codes that help in developing apps. 

As per the monetary side, the revenue apps are generating all across the world is surpassing 39 billion U.S dollars in the first half of 2019. This growth is varying year-over-year positivity, businesses have various options like a tiered freemium model, app purchases, recurring subscriptions, etc. All these things are available to make an app more sustainable than before. 

So, the main question that we wanted to discuss is what are the ways of making money from my app? Well, there are businesses that wish to make money from apps and expand their app ideas. In your business app development strategy, make sure you follow the appropriate monetization strategy. The awareness about the number of free apps is also beneficial. 

If you are planning to make money from your business app, this article has all the relevant answers. From monetization strategy to expected results are all highlighted here. 

Ways to make money from an App:

Organizations from different fields of interest must keep their system advanced according to the latest tools and technologies. However, not all the tools are affordable for every company but you must also know which one is worth your time, attention, efforts, and money. If you look into the current market you will find that it’s evolving around mobile apps. 

So, what makes an app worthy for your business? This answer is straightforward; the size, niches, and budget are friendly for all types of businesses. Whether you are a hospitality service provider or a food chain, an app can help you establish your business fairly.

An app is crucial for any company not because of smooth business functioning and operations but also as a unique channel for greater revenue generation. 

Moreover, some of you may know that there are some ventures out in the market that make an app in terms of time and money. There’s no rocket science in this, it’s natural that owners are developing an app to make more money. Here are some detailed ways of making money from an app; 

  1. In-App Advertising

In-app advertising might be the most popular and easiest way to boost business revenue. All you need to do is build a feature-rich app and make it live. Now whether you want to allow advertisements on your app or not; depends on you. Some app owners earn from displaying ads on your application. This system is simple, for instance, if you allow some people to put on a video ad as a result you will get considerable money from it.

Hence, you must consider the quantity because there are times when your customer doesn’t have enough patience to watch ads. It’s important to consider your target audience before choosing the type of ads including time duration, area of interest, language, etc. 

  1. In-App Purchases

An in-app purchase is a unique feature that is relevant to your customers’ perspective and requirements. This revenue-generating model allows users to unlock some extra levels or features after purchasing an upgrade. Under this model, your app can provide you with any type of premium content, extra bonus, extra levels, virtual currency, and much more. In other words, the app owner can offer some non-consumables like maps, virtual merchandise, and other advanced levels or consumables like premium content, virtual currency, etc. 

  1. Subscription

After purchases and advertising, we have a subscription model which is one of the highly effective ones. Due to its fair deal for both users and business owners, people prefer this model more. In this model, you have to identify your users’ needs and then offer them any newsletter or voucher for free. For  instance, top-notch app development company Appedology prefers to adopt a subscription model because they understand their target audience’s requirements and budget. 

Is It Profitable to Make an App?

With a mobile app, you can potentially degenerate billions of U.S dollars annually. However, apps that manage to boost their annual revenue generation are less in numbers. The majority of the apps are duds and they don’t help you make money at all. So, it is challenging to calculate the numbers of money that an app can make considering the fact there are millions of them out in the market.

Well, this also means that an app can do much more than just showcasing your services and products. This means that if you have a business idea that you believe will attract a huge audience, you should go for it now. However, transforming these ideas into an app will require a considerable investment from your end. We at Appedology have a team of expert consultants who will advise you how much money you should invest and what you will get in return.

Our team of specialists will provide you a brief description of app development planning, working, investment, profits, etc. We believe in the long run and consistency to boost your business in this digital competitive market.

Additionally, here are some crucial things that play a vital role in generating profit for your business app;

  • Effective Marketing

No business can make money through an app that nobody downloads. You want people to download your app, start by knowing and understanding your potential customers. Inquire about different things about your target audience like their interest, location, gender, etc. Now analyze what will attract them effectively to download your app. You can consider or compare your features and approach with similar/competitors.

Some of you might be questioning whether copying is the right thing or not, right? No one is asking you to copy and paste but to understand others' approaches and amend your strategy accordingly. This is important because many products/services may vary but trends don’t.

  • Business Deliberations

An innovative and trendy business model can make a huge difference in the process of making money. When you are developing a business app, you have to decide whether you will rely on ad revenue or have customers pay. You can also have a combination, for example, you can provide free downloads and ask your customers to pay for ad removal. However, this business model is just a part of your business that helps you support the sales and development of your app. 

Business deliberation is more about serving your products and services to the target audience in the most effective way. Once you have a list of loyal customers you will eventually grow by following trends. Moreover, if you are not comfortable or don’t have enough time for this business model, you can always hire a professional like Appedology. 

  • Prompt Support

After launching the app in the app store, the next task is to have a team available for customer queries and support. This element is a part of another important area that needs investment in terms of both money and time respectively. Because the amount of time and devotion you put into this part will boost some extra sales because in return you will have better reviews. 

Paid Apps Vs Free Apps, Which Makes More Money? 

Many of you might wonder how much a free or paid app makes money. There are times when you download an app and just start using it. Certainly, developers or owners of the app offer free apps and expect money in other forms. Before we continue, it’s important to clarify and be sure of how to earn profit from a free app. 

Well, in this article we describe some tactics and strategies to make money from a free product. The strategy is also known as monetization strategy and you can use the following famous monetization strategies; 

  • Referral marketing, i.e Amazon
  • Advertising via video, incentivized ad, native ad, banner, interstitial, etc.
  • Subscription model
  • In-App purchase or freemium model
  • Crowdfunding
  • Sponsorship
  • E-commerce and App merchandise
  • Email marketing

Paid Apps Vs Free Apps Market

Almost everyone around us uses smartphones for every essential thing including shopping, business, tracking, etc. With a single app, you can now communicate from anywhere in the world. Indeed, we are living in a mobile-first world and here you find a massive amount of apps with rich features. Thus, these features are getting advanced every after a particular time duration. However, this transformation is increasing harsh competition in the app market among different organizations.

Studies show that in 2018 there were around 2 million mobile apps available on Apple Store and 3.8 million Google Play. Due to which the worldwide mobile app market generated over 365 billion U.S dollars in revenue. Also, the same studies forecast to generate revenue of more than 935 billion U.S dollars in 2023 through in-app advertising and paid downloads

Hence, there are around 5% to 10% of app users willing to pay for feature-rich, high performance, and any specific functionality related to their business. As for free apps, profits and downloads come from free apps because the majority are not willing to pay. 

Ways to Monetize Your App

Different mobile apps are developed to resolve different issues. For some of you, an app might be a pilot project to increase brand awareness among the target audience. However, the most common goal among app owners is to generate greater revenue. It would be a smart move if you think and plan thoroughly before starting your app project.

Indeed, there are several ways and techniques to make money from apps or monetize it. App monetization is significant because at the same time quite common to find. The major part is to adjust it to adjust your needs and goals accordingly.

Some developers have to shift their revenue model to generate profit after app download while others prefer before download. For both cases, you have to keep your users and user experience relatively intact as well as showcase that your app generates revenue increasingly. Following are some more crucial ways to monetize your app to its maximum revenue.

  1.     Pay per Download

Getting users to pay for downloading your app from App Store or Google Play is the simplest and definitive way for app monetization. The biggest advantage of this model is that developers will get money as soon as the user downloads the app.

  1.     Paid Subscription

In the paid subscription model, users can download apps for free and utilize its content, but the amount of content is limited. If the user wishes to attain access to unlimited better quality content then they have to pay. The payment scheme involves both packages and unlimited access for a particular period.

  1.     Own Services/Goods Sales

Another effective way to monetize your application is to utilize it for the sales of your services or products. For example, a cloth selling company can build an app to increase sales and flow of orders. This model can also increase your audience reach and help you compete efficiently in the e-commerce market.

How do Free Apps Make Money Without Ads?

Some mobile app developers prefer to choose advertisements for the sake of monetization. Besides, some studies show that in the U.S. mobile advertising reach from 58.4 billion to 70 billion U.S dollars from 2017 to 2018. However, in-app advertisements are not always the best monetization strategy for every app.

Why? Because not every user likes in-app ads, some of them find it disruptive. They are also not a reliable source of generating revenue for businesses. Many of the users don’t like ads and still click on them accidentally. Fortunately, there are other ways your free app can make money without ads; keep reading and learn more;

  • Build a lite and paid version of the app and attract more users.
  • Offer additional features (paid) after a free version
  • Make users subscribe to avail more services
  • Become a white label app reseller
  • Get into the app referral program

Remember, whatever way you choose to pursue your monetization strategy for free apps, consider your users’ preferences. You should choose the way that will attract your audience, keep them engaged, and entertained for a longer time. 

How do Free Apps Earn Money on The Play Store and App store?


Both Android and iOS mobile apps have a great potential to keep your audience engaged and earn money. However, there are billions of mobile apps for different purposes and the same are available on the internet. Just keep in mind that not every app that's available on the plays store or app store earns money.

Therefore, it’s true that you can easily earn money once your app is available on the play store by monetizing it. The monetization methods allow you to run ads on your help with the help of AdMob, offer in-app purchasing, charge for premium/complete version, charge for app download, get a sponsor, etc.

As mentioned above, for successful online earning via app monetization, you must understand your audience. What are their requirements? Who are they (male, female, businessman, working women, etc.?) How much can they pay? Once you know it all, you can add value to every purchase. 

Types of Apps that Make the Most Money

Entire mobile phones and advancements in mobile app development are taking place to make our IT-driven world better. For no doubt, it’s also about generating greater revenue. App development has a great scope because it’s the most profitable method nowadays. Due to its efficiency and demand, businesses are striving to launch their business app.

However, there will be times when your mobile app might be a bit less successful than you expected. It could be because of so many reasons like an inappropriate monetization strategy or a low-income segment. These two aspects can often lead your planning towards failure.

When you think about a successful app you think of earning as much profit as possible. So, let’s figure out the types of app that can help you make the most money;

  1.     Entertainment

Gaming, video browsing, and communicating mobile applications come under the entertainment apps’ category. Such apps are quite popular among app users and they will remain the leading ones in terms of attracting audiences. Hence, technology and trends change but there is always enough room for entertaining apps. This whole concept is related to human nature and you can take advantage of it very easily.

  1.     Finance & Business

While entertaining apps represent the ease segment, finance and business apps focus on attracting the employees/employers group. People from working in companies from different fields are making money and with a finance app, you can make their work more convenient.

  1.     Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle-related apps always attract an active audience who are always looking forward to adopting healthy habits. A lifestyle app can help them with yoga, sports, and many more activities one way or another. However, you have to come up with a unique and crucially different monetization strategy and reach-out approach.

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