Free Apps Vs. Paid Apps; Which Makes More Money

Reading Time: 1 minute | Date: August 09, 2021 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Tech
Free Apps Vs. Paid Apps; Which Makes More Money


Free things are the best things in life. A breeze of fresh air, spontaneous laughter, and apps that are free to download. There are billions of apps in app stores and the growing number also increasing the number of free apps available. But the question is, are free apps really profitable?

Research by Flurry Analytics indicates that 90% of iOS apps are available to download for free. It is beneficial for users indeed, but how do businesses and developers earn through them? Do they make more money than paid apps? Or do paid apps are more profitable? Well, it all depends on the monetization strategy and nature of an app. Let’s discuss free apps vs. paid apps and see which one makes more money.

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