How Social Media Changes the Relationship Between Company and Customers

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How Social Media Changes the Relationship Between Company and Customers


Medical device companies and financial institutions are hardly known for creating social media waves; for most, strict regulation of these industries is a deterrent. But a new trend is emerging, with companies breaking through industry legislation to better engage users in social media. Today, companies in the automotive, financial, and medical device industries are using social media (and particularly Facebook Pages) to create meaningful relationships.

Today our topic is How Social Media changes the relationship between company and customer. Beyond bringing the content strategy to the next level, here are five lessons that companies in all sectors can use to create relationships with customers — and influence their buying decisions:

  1.  Make it easy for people to share their stories.

Clear and simple: people want to speak about themselves. When companies are willing to find a way to play a part in the optimistic boost, they win. Case in point: our client, Medtronic Diabetes, is a company of medical devices. Since people are at the core of their market , the company decided to make its customers a huge part of the brand. They use their Facebook Share Your Story app to ask consumers to upload pictures of themselves living their best life with an insulin pump or a continuous glucose monitor.

  1.  Leverage the social in social media.

Businesses have the ability to use Facebook as a way of delivering not only great service to customers but also a means of communicating and encouraging one another. Brands including Weight Watchers and Nike Women have also shown how important Facebook can be to bring together people facing similar everyday barriers. 

Social networking acts as a tool for those who do not have an outlet or support system to find each other. When using these tools, keep thinking about the social aspect: how can you link your audience and improve your relationship?

  1.  Make it about the customer, not about the product.

Established as a platform for small business owners to share and exchange ideas with each other, the forum has helped countless small business owners to succeed. 

Instead of heavily promoting their conventional financial offerings, Amex has been thinking about its customers and what they’re looking for while sharing information about their services. When you support your customer via social media marketing contract you are more likely to develop a long-lasting relationship — which, in turn, will drive your brand recognition and development.

  1.  Take every opportunity to gain feedback.

Lays Potato Chips recently launched a Facebook contest asking U.S. fans to help develop their next chip flavor for their 75th anniversary next year. Lays joined up with Facebook to change the Like button to the “I will eat that” button. Previously, the competition was introduced in 14 other nations, producing more than 8 million chip flavor ideas worldwide. 

This is a perfect opportunity for Lays to gain insight into what kind of chip tastes customers want. Crowdsourcing is not only a marketing tool, it is an incredibly simple and efficient way to ask for input on your product or service. Take every opportunity you get to gain input from your customers — in addition to marketing benefits, you’ll be given an amazing opportunity to develop your company.

  1.  Breakthrough barriers.

Social media is typically staying far away from the medical device industry, which is so highly regulated. Medtronic Diabetes has been able to work within this environment; the company has found a way to follow the rules of regulation while still being able to be a resource for its customers. 

With more than 50,000 Facebook followers, the company launched its Page in April 2012. 

This is evidence that while some industries need to be vigilant about how they communicate online, there is no excuse to stop the brand supporters from providing help to each other. 

If a highly controlled medical company can break down barriers and use social media evaluator to communicate with consumers on an extremely human level, then any business can do so.


How Social media Strategist Changes 

Building relationships with consumers through social media and the manner in which these networks are handled is an integral part of the success of the brand. Social media coordinator can have a positive impact on sales and, to a large extent, brand loyalty and connexion. 

While social media was initially used mainly for personal use and for the preservation of personal relationships, with their growth and increasing popularity, it has become a valuable tool for creating a community around brands.

The use of social media plays an important role in the service of the consumer. The mutual benefits of easy brand accessibility through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others make it easy for customers to communicate and participate in social interaction, providing brand building and wide-ranging communication across multiple channels. 

It saves a lot of time and resources from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint. In addition, the use of social networking platforms helps you to meet a much greater audience of consumers than by using conventional methods. 

This method of contact is incredibly convenient for consumers since it taps into their social network and social time, facilitates easy contact with the customer service department, without the need to make repetitive, uncomfortable phone calls.

It is worth it for a company to use multiple social media outlets at the same time as allowing consumers the right to select their preferred means of communication. 

Thanks to the opportunity to communicate directly to brands through social media platforms, it means that many consumers feel more “closer” to the brand and can thus make an emotional connexion and invest in it. 

In addition, they are more likely to use this type of touch that is formed by their everyday lives, which also ensures greater and more versatile accessibility. The use of such a solution would not only improve the efficacy of operations in this field but will also have a positive impact on the company’s reputation for convenience and social interaction.

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