Best E Commerce Service Providers in USA

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Best E Commerce Service Providers in USA


E-commerce is not a new concept. Most businesses now choose to have some form of online presence and availability in terms of online shopping. The Covid 19 pandemic intensified the need for business to provide online solutions to their customers, especially after the initial lockdowns all over the world, where a lot of small businesses couldn’t make the cut. The ones who survived, made changes to the MO and started offering home deliveries and the even-more-prepared ones, began migration towards e-commerce. E-commerce is 45.4% of the entire web as customers are increasingly using it to make purchases, currently there are about $192 trillion ecommerce sales worldwide.

E-commerce Types

There are four traditional ecommerce variations; the most common being B2C (Business-to-Consumer) those are businesses that sell to their end-user/customers directly, followed by B2B (Business-to-Business) a business sells its product or service to another business, C2B (Consumer-to-Business) allow individuals to sell goods and services to companies and C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) also called an online marketplace — connects consumers allowing them to exchange goods or/and services and make their money by charging transaction or listing fees. There’s a relatively less popular B2G (Business-to-Government), but that is often categorized as B2B, where a business will sell its goods and/or services to Government organizations.

Is e-commerce a good solution for you?

If your business always has been or recently moved to e-commerce, optimizing your website design helps convert visitors into sales. If you still haven’t decided but are considering launching and ecommerce solution, you have many great ecommerce service providers as options out there to provide you digital solutions and offering exclusive features as per your requirements. Affordable pricing is also a factor to consider whilst scouting for an e-commerce web design and development package. 

Is hiring a professional agency to develop your e-commerce site good business practice?

To answer that, it would help to note whether your current business is giving you exponentially high ROIs, if it’s a midway success or if it is struggling with less sales and minimal or no profits. In all three cases it still helps to get a team of professionals going through your existing site to measure pain points and loopholes and cover them for you. Even if you are a roaring success, there is always room for more. Now measure in, how important it is to have your site developed by an expert team if you aren’t standing at the pinnacle of profit. 

What would solve the problem is to get a state-of-the-art, online ecommerce store developed for your business. Upgrading or redesigning your existing online store eliminates many unseen problems. By hiring professional web developers and designers, you get yourself quality online, industry-specific store solutions and provide a smooth, sophisticated shopping experience to your customers. Hiring professional web development and design services that offer professionally developed e-commerce sites developed using the latest technologies are most likely to provide you: 

  • Out-of-the-box solutions for upgrading, redesigning, or developing an e-commerce website 
  • Optimized sales through professional, strategized ideas
  • More sales/ leads driven to a multi-device
  • A multi-platform responsive website 
  • Store accessibility for more visitors and higher profits
  • In-built SEO optimization
  • Scalable, easy to upgrade website(s)
  • Secure transactions, and 
  • Quick cart loads and checkouts.

The undisputed e-commerce leader is WooCommerce, with 32% of the market, next are Magento at 18%, OpenCart at 11%, and Shopify at 8%. Bigcommerce and osCommrce are at 3% each, Zen Cart, Volusion, and Virtue Mart stand at 1% each and a combined 12% is held by several others. Listed below are some of the best e-commerce solutions that we at Appedology can provide you and why we think they are great for you.

WooCommerce ecommerce solution

WooCommerce is a scalable, fully integrated solution for your B2B eCommerce store, B2BWoo creates a fully functional B2B store for you. WooCommerce has the versatility of converting even your WordPress blogs into fully functional ecommerce stores instantaneously. It powers 8% of all ecommerce websites as well as 21% of the top 1 million sites. That makes 176,223 websites. WooCommerce is not a stand-alone platform, it is a WordPress extension. WooCommerce is a plugin, whilst OpenCart, Shopify, and Magento are ecommerce-only platforms. The reason for its singular popularity is that most WordPress users chose it for its convenience if they have an online store presence.

Magento ecommerce solution

 offers a top-of-the-line e-commerce solution with open-source flexibility, unlimited scalability, enterprise power, and for B2C and B2B experiences. As an ecommerce platform built on open source technology, Magneto offers online merchants flexible cart technology, and users can control how the application looks, as well as its content and functionality. It offers strong marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools and allows you to create unique, full-lifecycle customer experiences. Statistically this e-commerce platform has proven that it can increase sales. Magento is used 102,514 sites.  


OpenCart is used on 60,133 online stores. OpenCart is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for different languages and currencies. It is freely available under the GNU General Public License. 

Shopify Ecommerce Solution

 Is a leading eCommerce solution with $63 billion worth of sales, more than 800,000 online stores, offices around the globe, and over 3,000 employees. Shopify is a great eCommerce platform designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with many built-in features and apps. Shopify allows you to sell products directly on your website, and across multiple marketplaces and social media, making it a pretty powerful, scalable B2B software with account-based pricing, gated or open storefronts, and API integration. It also synchs all your data, customer information, product details, inventory, and order history between the Shopify app and your online store.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

 is a leading B2B and B2C eCommerce platform. It is cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), highly scalable, eCommerce solution. Salesforce offers great functionality and features that have been developed and evolved over years of expertise. It is built to provide a highly optimized ecommerce experience with a complete suite of mobile-first capabilities, this comprises of data-driven mobile UX, responsive design, and one-touch payment options. The platform provides a customer networked experience by allowed data sharing across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. It also has a flexible retail data type with fundamental, basic commerce functions that are reliable across applications and devices.

Why Appedology?

Appedology as your Ecommerce solutions providers aims at giving you tailor-made Ecommerce Web Development Solutions in terms of security options, content, design, and layout. We transform your ideas into a fully-functional online store and we constantly keep you in the loop whilst designing and developing your store as per your business requirements.  Using some of the best technologies to power to sites, as mentioned above we create long-lasting scalable sites and help consistently to make them better. We repeatedly develop & design strategically flawless carts and checkout experiences, make sure the ordering process stays smooth & provide exact match product descriptions to make ordering easy for customers.

Whether your online e-commerce ideas require mobile eCommerce solutions or web-based ones, we at Appedology can help you get optimized results. Make your first move, the right one. Choose e-commerce store development & design from us. Our team strategically develops the best options that get you:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Exact match product descriptions
  • Easy navigation to products
  • Easy ordering process
  • More clicks
  • Payment protection
  • Correct information to customers
  • Great user interface and experience
  • Fast website speed and load time
  • Repeat Customers
  • And so much more

So why wait, there is a whole new world of online selling available to you, especially now. Give us a call, let’s get you a free assessment of what you can get done, and how feasible your e-commerce idea is, for you.

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