Animation Tools to Use in Your Web App Development

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Animation Tools to Use in Your Web App Development


The animation is the medium through which you put forth your sales pitch to your visitors. You don’t have to have a product to make a sales pitch. In this respect, you could think of sales pitch as an incentive to stay, browse, and explore your website. If your website runs poor or no animation, chances are your bounce rate is high and you are trying to figure out a way to offer more so that visitors would come and stay on your website.

There are actually more than one way to come up with animation on your site. Each option depends on your technical expertise and requirement. One is not better than the other but given what you want to focus on, one might be more feasible than others.

CSS Animation

CSS animation is a cascading style sheets module that lets you animate HTML documents. It is done through a CSS system. With CSS animation, you have the option to animate elements of a web page in the Document Object Model. The way you do it is simple; you just need to set CSS properties on the elements of the web page that you want to animate to DOM.

If you are using CSS animation to create animations, you don’t even require actual external libraries, you can do it all internally. Rather than setting objects for timing properties and keyframes, with CSS, it is possible just to transfer the values right away.

JavaScript Animation

For those who like to feel in control and want complete freedom when it comes to creating animation on their website, JavaScript animation might be a more feasible option. For basic level animation, you don’t need to go beyond the basic Java functionality but for more complex animation, you usually have to make use of additional libraries, unlike the CSS animation.

The library that you choose usually dictates the performance of the JavaScript while more complex animation has the drawback of increasing the load time of your web page. So ultimately, there is a trade-off between functionality, the complexity of the animation, and the website load time. Depending on your goals and the image you want to convey, you might want to have a strategy that prioritizes those aspects of your website carefully.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is a vector graphics format through which it is possible to create animation on the web. Since vectors have no limitations on the pixels, animations created through SVG animation are sharper and seem more apparent on the web page. Even if you decide to tweak the dimensions of your web page, you will not have to compromise on the sharpness, texture, and performance of the SVG animation.

Even though SVG has its’ own syntax, SMIL, it is possible to animate SVG elements with CSS although SMIL is more functional than CSS when it comes to SVG animation.

Canvas Animation

Canvas animation performs incredibly when you are working around with multiple animations and visual objects. With Canvas, you get a visual space that you can use to render graphics with high performance regardless of their complexity. Unlike the SVGs that work beyond the pixel limitations, Canvas is used precisely to work within the pixels, which has the advantage of creating beautiful animation without burdening the entire system. Thus, they remain a great choice for intricate drawings and graphics.


Unless you are creating animation for really professional effects and 3D, you don’t need WebGL since that is what WebGL is mostly used for. Beyond those applications, WebGL also performs exceptionally well when creating animation for Virtual Reality (VR) platforms. Through WebGL, you have the option to reach the frequency of 60 frames per second when rendering the graphics. Canvas can also be used to create WebGL animations but the process is more arduous and requires greater effort.

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