WordPress Designing - Why It Should be Your Next Step

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WordPress Designing - Why It Should be Your Next Step


WordPress is an open-source and free web design and development software that anyone can download. You can develop any website through readily available WordPress templates, themes, and plugins. But you may wonder, is WordPress really worth it? Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is probably the most popular website publishing and designing platform dominant due to its adaptability. It is the backbone of various eCommerce, blogging, and static websites. WordPress powers around 40% of the world's websites. This reason is enough why it should be your next step toward a digital expedition.

WordPress provides you a convenient to use and particularly easy to manage Content Management System or CMS in short. Let’s discuss what advantages WordPress has, and why you should go for WordPress designing.



There are a lot of support options, customizations, and tech stacks that WordPress offers. And these all are hundred percent free. It is an open-source platform, it is flexible and you can work directly on its source code, modifying it according to your requirements. Add to this fact that its basic version is completely free to download, and you know you have a win-win situation on your hands.

Even if one chooses to go for the premium versions of WordPress, features come with low license fees, reasonably priced hosting, plugins, and WordPress premium themes. Not only does it become cost-effective, but saves you a lot of your time. 

WordPress Themes or Templates


WordPress themes or templates are highly customizable. They provide the basic design and layout of your website, and you can make alterations with a single click. A customizable theme lets you personalize your website making it distinctive amongst so many others all over the internet that may choose similar layouts and designs. 

One more plus point: WordPress themes are responsive and adjustable to any mobile device, tabs, monitor screens, etc. So make sure to select the mobile-responsive theme for a better user experience. 

The only drawback (and this is a minor one in my opinion) is you cannot alter a template or theme framework entirely to make it compatible with your brand. There are but a few limitations and restrictions enforced on customization. A good compromise would be to select a simple theme, and then layer customizations upon it according to your branding. 

SEO Friendly Website


WordPress development is based on superior and high-end coding. That is why search engines like Google adore WordPress sites. The design of WordPress sites is SEO compatible. One can also use various WordPress plugins like Yoast to optimize web content further. These plugins extensively guide you in the optimization process to improve your site's ranking on search engines, thus making search engine optimization simple and understandable at the same time.

WordPress Plugins


WordPress designing is easy and extendable with WordPress plugins that lets you add more features. You can download plugins for contact forms, backup, SEO, payment gateways, etc., and extend your website's functionalities. You can also go through enormous free and premium plugins available on the WordPress.org directory.

Huge Community Support


According to Kinsta, WordPress has nearly 60.8% of CMS market share. It means it has a huge community of users always ready to support any curtail any issues that may arise. WordPress web development becomes easy with the support of such a large, strong pool of WordPress developers, the world over. You will always have access to the WordPress community through WordCamps, WordPress Meetup, etc. that purports to be a warm, welcoming, innovative and helpful experience. 

And even if you aren’t able to connect with the community, Appedology will help you. We are an app development company serving clients with web development, app development, WordPress development, and various other digital services. We provide an effective solution to every problem you face while you are experimenting with your digital representation. You can contact us anytime you feel you need efficient professional assistance in your web designing projects.

Easy To Use

WordPress is really easy to use, with or without technical knowledge about CMS you can manage it on your own effortlessly. The WordPress administrative interface is very intuitive, and simple. Adding content and plugins to a WordPress website is a straightforward and quick process. Even if you don’t understand how to use its admin dashboard there are various manuals and guides available online and in print to help you learn how WordPress functions.

Social Media Integration


WordPress integrates your social media handles automatically into your websites. This easy integration option extends your business reach and you will not have to waste time on updating your content on your social media accounts separately. It also helps you in increasing your website’s traffic through social media reach.



WordPress websites are highly scalable, and its designs fit well with your business growth. You can upload tons of content and data without affecting your website's performance or speed. There are many examples of WordPress sites that have thousands, even millions of users, and a heavy user base. The functionality will of course depend on your choice of hardware, software usage, and the plugins you choose. The hierarchy of pages and posts is well planned and it helps in search engine rankings.

Outstanding Website Security


Of course, we understand and know that everything on the internet is susceptible to hacking, even websites with high-end encryption, and just as surely we would not want that for ourselves. WordPress websites offer outstanding security. That is dependent on publishers using WordPress taking website security seriously and following best practices, such as keeping strict login procedures, using safe plugins and themes during development, using security plugins to monitor your site, and updating your site regularly

Although nothing is 100% foolproof or hack-proof, you shouldn’t face any issues regarding website security if you scrutinize it regularly. WordPress regularly provides security updates that automatically incorporate themselves on your website. You can also install major security updates manually according to your needs. By installing the latest and updated plugins, you can avoid potential security attacks.

A Built-in Blog

WordPress started its journey as a blogging platform, and all users get the benefit of built-in blog capabilities when you go for WordPress web development. The blogging capabilities integration makes content publishing easy, efficient, and effective. It is a straightforward process to set up email subscriptions, comments, and showcasing blog posts on other pages of the website automatically. Tags, categories, plugins, widgets, and various other blogging capabilities are part of the package, making your website interactive and dynamic and increasing customer engagement, hence loyalty. 

WordPress’s Self-Hosting

So we know that WordPress is open-source and 100% free for anyone to use: to self-host you only need a domain name and web hosting at nominal prices. This is how it becomes a self-hosted platform, and this remains one of the top benefits of WordPress. You have complete freedom of choosing a hosting service for users at economical prices and receiving the following benefits:

  • Customization of sites at will and avoiding limitations by WordPress.com. 
  • The choice to jump from one hosting plan to another to capacitate increased traffic or extra storage requirements.
  • Choosing a tailored hosting plan for your website with automated WP updates, and even email marketing. 
  • Ditching sub-domain names to custom domain names.

WordPress Is Best For Content Marketing


The primary purpose of building a website is to interact with millions of people online and generate revenue. One can practice effective content marketing through WordPress development as it is a relevant, optimized, effective tool for digital marketing. WordPress CMS is best when it comes to content marketing: it provides you refined, SEO-optimized content. And, social media content integration lets you promote it for maximum reach. 

WordPress websites are responsive

WordPress websites are responsive

WordPress websites are responsive, but not all: that actually depends on parameters defined by the site developer and depends on plugins and themes used. Your choice of themes and plugins will affect the responsiveness of your website. It’s a suggestion that since you are opting for WordPress designing, develop mobile responsive websites that are obviously more engaging than static ones. That’s where the ROIs lie. 

Mobile responsive websites make your UX satisfying so that it adapts to and looks good on any device or screen. WordPress provides you with various responsive website templates to ensure seamless operation of your website on any number of devices, especially mobile phones.

Multimedia Integration

Multimedia integration is very easy on a WordPress website. Whether you have images, videos, GIFs, or any other media element, you can add them to your website without any difficult coding. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • You can do it through a drag-and-drop system. You just have to drag the media and drop in the uploader tool to display it on the website.
  • You can add a URL of media from any embed website (YouTube, Sound Cloud, Instagram, etc.) as WordPress power embed websites.


This article may have helped you understand why you should choose WordPress development. Although WordPress is free CMS, it is yet a powerful platform to develop aesthetically pleasing and professional websites. With an extensive range of features, it has progressed epically since its inception and accounts for nearly 40% of the world's websites. One can entitle to endless opportunities by selecting WordPress as the next step in the digital journey. If you are looking for a professional company to get help with WordPress development, contact Appedology. We are an app development company that strives to provide web development, mobile app development, WordPress development, and various other digital services. E-mail us or call us anytime for a productive consultancy.

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