What is the future scope of PHP for Web Development into Next Years

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What is the future scope of PHP for Web Development into Next Years


Scope of PHP in Future

PHP is a Web Development language and many experts in top companies prefer PHP for web application development. PHP is a most common programming language over other languages and it is also a base cost web development tool.

PHP is good for those who are starting our careers in programming. There are plenty of jobs available for PHP developers and this will stay the same in the near future.

Scope of PHP (future) in Next Years in 2020

PHP programming language helps you to develop complex, reliable, and faster web applications.

Scope of PHP in 2020,  you can develop websites according to your business requirements, hosting, experience, needs, and development timeframes. PHP has a large variety of frameworks  but you have to choose according to your needs.

Developers chose a certain pattern when choosing PHP frameworks and some frameworks are the future of PHP Web Development while others are not. The future of PHP Language I’ll show you the list of PHP frameworks that are trending now and these are the future scope in 2020:


Laravel is highly popular and the first preference of most developers. Therefore, it has a first position in this list. It has several frameworks that help in integrating app development with the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

Its wide community of developers allows you to find help whenever you get stuck somewhere during the development. Moreover, it features include ORM, RESTful controllers, the lightweight Blade template engine, unit testing, and its comprehensive packaging systems.


Phalcon is one of the other popular PHP frameworks since 2012 and highly trending in 2019, and is predicted that it will be one of the preferred choices of developers over the upcoming years in 2021 and,2022. .It’s also the MVC-based PHP framework, It works at a tremendous speed because it has a C-extension structure.

Phalcon utilizes only a few resources as compared to others which helps in the quick and speedy processing of HTTP requests and easily integrates with systems that come with lesser functionalities and features. The Future Scope for PHP with Web Development is vast with its features, it includes firstly ORM, caching, auto-loading components and it has an MVC architecture.

It supports PHP 7 and International language. So you have to learn about this very easy and simple to use the framework.  Moreover, it has template engines, form builders, set of data storage tools, including a self-contained SQL dialect – PHQL, Object Document Mapping for MongoDB.


Codeigniter is the most preferred framework which is used for web development at a greater speed. Codeigniter is a lightweight framework that is easy to use. It has a small footprint, which can be uploaded straight away to your hosting.

You just have to upload the files and you are done no need to enter any special command-line arguments or commands, and even no specific software installation is recommended during installation.

The web applications which are built with the help of PHP framework Codeigniter are very easy to use and build. It’s very easy for a fresher or a beginner, you can easily become an expert in the framework.

Codeigniter has a variety of libraries. It has excellent documentation support as it is extensive. Moreover, it has a highly supportive community and its features include form validation, Emails, unit testing, community support, sessions and much more.

Future of PHP Language in Internet World

According to research PHP is the primary server-side language that is used by 82 percent of websites including Facebook and Twitter make use of PHP.

Moreover, CMS and WordPress are one of the most popular websites which is entirely built on PHP and sites using WordPress makeup nearly 27 percent of the internet.

PHP is open-source so anyone can contribute and build their frameworks that maintain a constant level of development in PHP.

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