Pros and Cons of Web Applications

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Pros and Cons of Web Applications


Pros and Cons of Web Applications: The web applications are easy to operate because any person can access them from a remote location at any time he wants moreover it is always up-to-date.

Web applications are not swift to find – as it doesn’t have a centralized store for entire smartphone devices and gadgets.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons of Web apps get a better idea about it.


  • It is so swifter to maintain as they contain a usual code-base that cross to the multiple platforms of mobile.
  • It does not require or any developer to submitting an application to any app store to get approved. However, Apple’s app store can check all the features and functionality of the application as per their terms and conditions.
  • The web apps do not require to get approved or pass by the app marketplace. It can be released at any unconditional time and in any form, but the preferences of the developers might be required.
  • The web apps are easy to operate even by the old smartphone devices and deliver a good user experience.


  • The smartphone web apps do not have a broad scope as far as getting access to the devices and gadgets’ features.
  • The web application which supports the various smartphone browsers has proved a costly proportion of the owners and developers because it can raise the cost amount in developing and maintaining.
  • As the dissimilar user uses its’ own browser that makes it difficult to maintain and track down the entire record of the usage moreover offering a spot too.
  • The web apps might be hard to find by the users since it does not systematically arrange and listing into the app stores.

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