7 Best IDE’s for Android App Development

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7 Best IDE’s for Android App Development


What is IDE?

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that centralizes the basic software writing and testing resources needed. Programmers use various resources in the development, design, and testing of software code. Tools for development also provide text editors, application collections, compilers, and tools for testing. 

Best IDE for Android

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development of Android smartphone devices. Android Studio is assisted with Gradle-based build. This has many features such as visual layout editor, APK analyzer, Intelligent code editor, Flexible build system, Real-Time profilers, Firebase default option for implementation, Device Manager / Device File Explorer, Version Controller, TODO functionality, Event Log capture, Resource Manager, Layout Captures, Build Variants. Android Studio supports SDK and NDK for creating Native applications. This IDE supports Java, C++ and Kotlin languages (Android Studio IDE can also be used to build the Flutter Application). Within this IDE have information on your memory, network operation, etc. within real-time. Android Studio Project Architecture is Module Wise as App Modules, Database Modules, and Google App Engine Modules. Android Studio supports AndroidX, which is the newest edition. This IDE also contains a feature called “Migrate To AndroidX” to migrate your old piece of code-building to the new AndroidX development framework.

Visual Studio -Xamarin

Through the creation of Xamarin software, Xamarin brings the business web device approach to the next level. Xamarin is used for cross-platform application creation and Android implementations. C # technology is mainly found in Xamarin and the use of Visual Studio as an IDE for that Windows. You will use this to create applications for all smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS.Ability to create native UI for all three platforms. For mobile developers, Visual Studio is the most valuable tool. Microsoft also provides Android, iOS, and Windows built-in applications. Visual Studio offers software for creating applications, running small to large teams, handling version control, and developing facilities. Task runners give lists of possible tasks and completing certain tasks is as easy as a mouse button. Visual Studio is a software developers’ most powerful tool. Microsoft now offers Android, iOS, Windows and streamlined apps. Visual Studio offers software for designing applications, running small and large teams, controlling version control, and creating infrastructure.

Unreal Engine

An unreal Engine is a tool for the development of a real-time system. From business applications and immersive journeys through high-quality PC, console, tablet, VR and AR sports. Build high-quality, photorealistic renders and interactive AR and VR interfaces for art, automotive, film & TV, training & simulation, and other non-gaming industries. Unreal Engine has several features, such as Photoreal Rendering in Real-Time, Complete C++ Support, Comprehensive Multiplayer Environment, VFX & Particle Systems, Post-Process Film Production Effects, Modular Material Editor, Extensive Animation Tools, Designed for VR, AR, and XR, Content Client, etc.


The design of the PhoneGap software is a commonly used tool for the design of cross-platform smartphone applications. Used in this single application to build iOS, Linux, Windows Phone and mobile web applications. Using PhoneGap to build Hybrid Applications. Supporting which applications don’t need heavy use of native features is the best technology. PhoneGap makes test and build cycles quicker. Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source software project built on standards to create cross-platform smartphone applications for iOS, Ios and Windows Phone 8 using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PhoneGap Construct removes the pressure from assembling Downloads from PhoneGap. Get ready applications from the app store without getting the hassle of holding native SDKs. Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source software project built on standards to create cross-platform smartphone applications for iOS, Ios and Windows Phone 8 using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Corona is a cross-platform architecture suitable for handheld devices and desktop platforms to build games and applications. With Corona, you can distribute from a single code base on all major devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones and laptops, Windows Pc and even Television. Require no different programs. Corona has developed into a sophisticated system evaluated for combat. Corona uses Lua,. Lua is a language that is scripting, efficient and easy to understand. Lua has been developed for being lightweight, fast, but strong. This is found in big titles including Civilization, Warcraft, and numerous indie games. Corona Simulator will automatically react to improvements in your code, offering a real-time overview of what your software would feel like—and how it would act—on actual devices. Corona is performance-optimized at the core level. For Corona, the applications are assembled automatically, optimized for consistency and reliability at the time of development.


CppDroid is a plain, Android platform C / C++ IDE. CppDroid focuses on mastering the languages and libraries in programming. Full coding, packaged samples separated by level of language and abilities, packaged C++ tutorial making it a perfect tool for programming and learning C and C+.


AIDE is an IDE for the development of actual Mobile applications directly on the Android device. AIDE allows the development of Ios applications, HTML5/CSS / JavaScript apps using PhoneGap, native-code languages such as C and C++. AIDE allows the creation of applications on Arm Computers using the NDK. Requires portability, flexibility and cross-compatibility. It gives you additional protection to hash function against threats. One can remove directories, files, file types and so on.

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