5 Reasons Why You Should Use PHP For Web Development

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use PHP For Web Development


For those who don’t know what PHP is, it is a service-side, HTML embedded scripting language specifically designed for providing satisfactory web development services. PHP provides proprietary scripting language offerings at absolutely free of cost. It also offers breadth to create highly intuitive and interactive websites. Here are 5 reasons why you should use PHP for your web development:

1. Flexible as well as Dynamic:

With PHP programming, websites and applications are highly secured. PHP being an encrypted language, can be easily scaled, this is one of the biggest reasons of its flexibility. There is no need for manual invention as applications and websites automatically get refreshed. When it comes to meeting the precise web development needs, PHP offers the greatest amount of flexibility. Because it is an open-source language, any editor can write codes.

2. Things you can do with PHP:

For the development of CMS, PHP is the most preferred language, as you can fully customize it to match customers needs. Websites which have PHP support have faster data processing features which add impetus to their functions. As PHP can be easily embedded into HTML, it helps static websites to convert into new and active ones. Due to the strong growing network in the developer community, PHP continues to grow and always stay updated and ahead of times. PHP has become one of the most favored languages for major web application development and websites because of its clean codes and infrastructure. While working on PHP, it doesn’t limit the users with HTML output. The features include PDF files, outputting images, and even Flash movies (which can be played by using libswf and Ming). You can also output easily any form of text, such as XHTML and any other XML file.

3. Fast Load Time:

Because PHP codes run on their own memory, they are much faster than ASP. ASP on the other hand uses a COM-based architecture and an overhead server which makes it progress a little slow. PHP, because of its fastest speed is considered to have the fastest site loading speed.

4. Database Flexibility:

When it comes to database connectivity, PHP is considered flexible. It has a strong connection and can be connected to several databases of which the most commonly used is MySQL. MySQL can be used for free while using PHP. But when it comes to using ASP, MS-SQL, a Microsoft product for ASP must be purchased.

5. Less Expensive Hosting:

For ASP programs to run on Windows servers with IIS should be installed. Hosting companies in order for ASP to run need to purchase both of these components. This often cost a lot for monthly hosting services. On the other hand, PHP only requires running on a Linux server, which is easily available through a hosting provider at no additional cost. The best applications development company USA, also prefer going for less expensive hosting.


PHP is an open source platform and as it supports more than millions of websites which are used in whole around the globe. When it comes to top custom PHP development company in USA leading website design and development agency US, it makes sure to offer the best PHP services to its clients.

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