Bringing Life To Great Catalogs and Brochure Designs

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Bringing Life To Great Catalogs and Brochure Designs


The success of a brochure or a catalog directly relates to how desirable the emotions of the people for the product you are selling are. As brochures and catalogs are continuously advancing in their layouts and designs to stand out uniquely in the market, the design principles below are excellent in creating outstanding brochures and catalogs to sell your products.

The following useful rules help you in obtaining one of the best catalog/brochure designs for the successful marketing of your business.


1. Appeal to lifestyle desires: 

A Catalogue or a brochure should be created to appeal your customer’s longing to buy your product or attain a particular lifestyle. All the text, images and page elements used in the brochure should not only provide enough knowledge about the products but should also describe the readers about how a specific product or service will help them to gain maximum benefits from them.


2. Design for the audience: 

There should be a noticeable difference between business to business and business to customer catalog and brochure. Therefore, the leaflets should be modified in a way that they attract the targeted customers and also match their lifestyle desires.


3. Make your product as the centerpiece: 

For better sales via brochures, the product images should be maximized as much as possible. They can either be displayed individually or in groups without a background and a slight drop shadow. This makes your product to highlight itself out from the clutter of the content. The best design to display your product is to add lifestyle shots with a delicate background.


4. Use great product photos: 

As it is a fact that a picture speaks better than words hence they also are a great help in grabbing customers’ attention. This can be achieved by using individual photos of each product without a background. The images should be colorful, bright and full of light.


5. Choose appropriate typography and right format: 

Each product mentioned in your brochure should display a detailed, precise description. Do not use more than two fonts in the catalog to get a consistent and a clean look. The catalog should be original and of a standard format, drawing the viewers’ attention.


6. Develop your brand image by using consistent layouts and design: 

To make your brochure grab more and more attention of your targeted audiences, mix up the spread designs and layout changes once every while. This helps in keeping the customers engaged in your products.


7. Consider the right type of paper and the number of pages: 

Selecting a standard paper and a correct size is an essential element to build a high-quality brochure. The article should be resistant, flexible and does not get damaged easily. Selecting the total number of pages is also important. The name should not increase more than four that also includes front and back cover.


8. Develop four-color catalog/brochure: 

The products displayed on your catalog look more enticing when they are presented in full, bright colors. This way, they become attractive, grabbing more attention and generate better sales as compared to dual-colored brochure designs.


9. Choose the type of binding: 

One more essential step while designing a catalog or a brochure is to go for a good binding so that the pages are not lost easily, they do not get damaged and are opened conveniently. You can choose from case binding, comb, wired, spiral, etc. for perfect binding of your fantastic catalog.


10. Other essential features; 

There are a lot of different elements that need to be to be followed to design a stunning catalog to awestruck your audiences. This can be an attractively designed front and interior cover, the inclusion of an order form, maintenance of balancing act, space allotment, clarity, and simplicity. Apart from these, there are other tips like, targeted towards the customers, analyze the results, maintaining unique format and design for the economy.

If you follow the above tips and elements, surely you will gain the results within no time. You may think that it is difficult to follow the above rules but do not worry! This job has been made easy through Appedology by offering you the best and expert brochure design services shaping all your ideas into great reality.

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