Want your flyer to go viral?Check out these pro tips!

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Want your flyer to go viral?Check out these pro tips!


A business flyer should consist of a unique personality and spark. It should be of an outstanding design that helps to grab the audience attention. As a graphic artist for a company, one might have some extraordinary design skills. However, this blog might make you interested in mastering your skills in creating a stunning flyer design for your company!

Possessing professional graphic design qualities, work wonders in helping to create an outstanding flyer design and also helping it to sell across the public. Following are some pro tips to make a great business flyer.


1. Highlighting the important Information;

The information that can be highlighted in a business flyer can be divided into three sections. First comes the knowledge about your product. A flyer should display complete details of the product type, its usage, and its price.

The second thing to highlight in a flyer is the contact information of the company. At least two points of contact should be displayed, that is the phone number and the business email address. You can also add the company’s address and website in the flyer.

You can also create a detachable part on your flyer that contains all of your contact details, deal coupons, and other valuable information. This way, the customers can tear off the perforation part, and keep the information on the flyer with them for later use.


2. Making the visuals attractive;

While making a flyer, you should keep in mind to add digital images or appealing illustrations to make it attractive to your audiences. This can be done by using pictures from stock photo sites or also can be done by availing the services of a professional illustrator for customized illustration.

The most potent image should be put on the top portion of the page since this attracts the majority of the customer’s attention. You can use one single impressive image rather than be using too many small images. Creating a contrast by putting one small picture next to the larger one is also a good idea to grab the customer’s attention.


3. Not using too many fonts;

Using too many fonts in a business flyer can be crucial. Not more than two fonts should be used while creating a flyer. This automatically adds more consistency and uniformity to the look of the flyer. It is recommended to use one bold font for the headlines, and one smaller font for the body content.

The sub-headings can be highlighted by using italics or italics-bold fonts. This makes the flyer look professional and gives a position to your business in the industry.


4. Putting influential content;

A business flyer should contain powerful and engaging content that helps in grabbing the customers’ attention. To make your flyer more attractive and enticing, create a catchy and a crisp headline. Knowing the targeted audience before the flyer content creation is one essential and a wiser step. As a designer, you should also be aware of your customers’ preferences.

Make use of the word ‘You’ instead of ‘We’ or ‘I’. Your customers prefer more about how your services will make their lives better. Therefore the word ‘you’ is more beneficial in the flyer content.


5. Including Call-to-Action phrases;

Including phrases that immediately call-to-act are the most important to add in your business flyer. You can add some sentences that are convincing the customers to take some action after reading your leaflet like ‘order now’ or ‘call now.’ This works as the most convincible part of the flyer.

The primary purpose of designing a flyer is to motivate your potential customers to take some action, like buying your product or at least giving a call.


As you are aware that flyers are the most inexpensive medium for offline marketing, therefore, at Appedology, you can get your business flyer design, reaching thousands of people and encouraging them to take action as soon as they read your flyer. We are a professional flyer design firm, solely working according to our client needs.

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