Why would businesses today need a social media coordinator?

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Why would businesses today need a social media coordinator?


Social media in 2021 is becoming more important and valuable than ever. Social media is a proven valuable channel for marketers to reach their target audience and convert them into customers. According to Statista, 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, and the number will almost increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.

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While social media usage is increasing around the world, many brands out there need their business to make a powerful presence on social media to help them thrive in the developing world where digital marketing is the new normal.

In such a case, a social media coordinator is required to maintain the overall image of a brand on social media and implement strategies to increase brand awareness.

Social media coordinator holds great importance for businesses in today's world. Here's why:

Importance of social media coordinator:

Importance of social media coordinator

Already existing businesses or even startups need a social media coordinator, but why? Because in this case, you can't play two roles, one as a business owner and another as a social media coordinator. One day or another, you will have to need someone to be responsible for your social media image, and for that, hiring a social media coordinator is the best option.  A social media coordinator can play a significant role in building your business on social media because it will know what your competitors are doing, and so you can do better. A social media coordinator has more knowledge about social media than any other average person, which is a plus point because either you can focus on your business or a powerful online presence of your brand.

Within this opportunity, you may have questions like, what are a social media coordinator's responsibilities?  Why is a social media coordinator beneficial for growing your business? Then you are not alone in asking such questions. It is more than important to know what is going to benefit your business, and for that, here is a list of various responsibilities of a social media coordinator:

Responsibilities of a social media coordinator:

  • Discovers the latest trend:

One of the main responsibilities of a social media coordinator is to know about all the ongoing and popular trends, helping your business grow according to the latest trends.

  • Monitors your business performance:

How can you know if your social media campaign serves its desired purpose if you don't understand the data and metrics that reveal this information? Well, a social media coordinator knows that. A social media coordinator modifies your social media strategies as required in order to improve particular metrics.

  • Keeps you up to date:

Customers usually prefer brands that keep updating their products, services, or upcoming events every day, which is one of the considerable reasons people follow brands on social media. A social media coordinator keeps your brand connected to customers by uploading posts daily to interact with them. They also reply to your customers' comments and queries to let them know your brand cares about their customers, which creates a positive impact on your audience.

  • Content creation:

A social media coordinator creates engaging content to help establish your brand in the world of business and digital marketing, which builds brand recognition. Creating content means promoting your product in a more creative way, and it can grab your target audience's attention within a minute.

From the above list, it is entirely clear that your business needs someone to create effective strategies in order to grow your brand. A social media strategist changes your brand from ordinary to extraordinary because their strategies are designed to achieve marketing targets.

In 2021, it may be a daunting task to find a social media coordinator because of the tough competition. Before signing a social media marketing contract, how can you tell if a candidate is a perfect match for your brand?

To find the answer, have a look at the three major tips for hiring your social media coordinator.

How to recruit a social media coordinator:

How to recruit a social media coordinator

Hiring a perfect candidate for social media management can be the most daunting decision your brand has to make. The most common question you may be facing right now is that, if you should look for particular degrees, social media portfolio, or experience?

 The skills to look for while hiring a social media coordinator depend upon the requirements of your brand. If you are totally confused, then here are three major tips:

Have clarity on your goals:

You can't plan something unless you have clear goals. Before hiring a candidate, you should know what you're expecting from them. Either you want someone knowledgeable of social media or someone to handle all the customer queries. Your major goals may include one or more of the following:

  • Getting more followers or fans
  • Creating a strong online presence
  • Boosting sales
  • Running campaigns
  • Creating strategies

Convey your expectations:

The process of hiring a perfect social media coordinator for your brand may take a lot more time than expected. You can't merely get a person on board and tell him to manage your social media accounts. You have to be prepared to express your expectations, and for that, you have to post a clear job description and enough details about what type of candidate you exactly want.

Look for skills:

Look for skills before hiring a candidate; ask them about their social media portfolio. It will help you to know what type of a person you are hiring and if he is a perfect match for your brand. See if the person knows how to deal with people in a way that they convert into customers. After all, you want someone to enhance your brand's visibility.

I assure you that you must have heard the term Social media evaluator. So what are they? What's the difference between social media coordinators and social media evaluators?  We have already discussed the social media coordinators, so let's talk about social media evaluators now.

Social media evaluators:

Apart from social media coordinator, you can also hire a social media evaluator. They may actively monitor your business's interactivity on social media and rate advertisement’s quality.  Social media evaluators ensure that a social network's newsfeed is accurate and relevant based on its criteria. Furthermore, social media evaluators evaluate photos, advertisements, search queries, and more.

Now that we have covered everything about social media coordinators and their importance, you might be thinking about how much does social media management costs?

Well, the answer depends upon several factors listed below:

  • Your budget, obviously. It depends on you what plan you choose or what candidate you would hire.
  • Experience and skills of the employees of the agency. The more experienced employee, the more you have to pay.
  • To market your products and services, the number of social networks you use. 


According to Webfx, companies spend over $4000 to $7000 per month on social media management.

Why invest in social media managing services?

Why-invest in social media managing services.png

Social media plays an essential part in the prosperity of businesses all over the world. No wonder digital marketing is taking over the world rapidly. Social media managing is a significant part of digital marketing, and I am sure you would be glad to invest in social media marketing services. Here's why:

Saves your time:

When it comes to business, you have to be multitasking, but while you have a lot on your plate and you can't centralize on everything at once. For this reason, you definitely need social media management services so that your precious time can be saved and you can concentrate on other important things regarding your business.

Maintains a quality strategy:

If you hire a social media agency for your social media management, they will make sure that your social media strategies remain top-notch and active. They proactively improve and monitor your approach to gain the results you want.

Achieving goals:

Like all other brands, you may also have certain goals for your business, like achieving more followers or boosting sales. A specialized social media agency can definitely help you achieve these goals.

Worried about social media management services? You are not alone. A lot of businesses are still facing problems in maintaining social campaigns.

Are you looking for a social media management agency?

Are you looking for a social media management agency

Do you want experienced people to manage your social media accounts? Contact Appedology, a digital marketing agency. For the proper working of your brand, we provide social media management services and much more. 


After discussing each and everything about Social media coordinators and how they help businesses grow, it is quite clear that social media management services are indeed very beneficial for all types of businesses. In a world where 58.11% of the population is active on social media, digital marketing is taking over the world. No wonder social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are playing major roles in the development of businesses, whether startups or big companies.

According to Statista, Facebook has more than 2.8 million active users, Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and Twitter has nearly 330 million monthly active users.

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