Paid Apps vs Free Apps: Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 1 minute | Date: October 10, 2021 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Optimization
Paid Apps vs Free Apps: Pros and Cons


Do you think that app development is challenging? No, it's not. Do you know what the real challenge is? It’s deciding the app monetization model. Mean the stage where you have to decide on what will work in favor to generate more and more revenue out of the app.

So how do the app owners make money? They implement different monetization models and strategies. Paid apps are one of the effective monetization strategies. But how can we compare paid apps vs. free apps? They both target different audience groups and have no relevance when it comes to revenue generation. Well, let's go through the pros and cons of both and see which app is more profitable. Free or paid.

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