Google's Soli Chip Project: Say Hi to the Future

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Google's Soli Chip Project: Say Hi to the Future


Keeping with its’ precedents, Google is working on another groundbreaking piece of technology. As part of their project soli, they are building an electronic chip the size smaller than the quarter coin. As opposed to past where preliminary technology was bigger and heavier, and it was only the next innovations that shrunk their size, this technology starts small with future technological innovations poised to increased its’ size to diversify its’ use and application. At that point, it works across a range of devices with its’ size increasing many a time over.

Google’s Soli Chip Project: Say Hi to the Future

As of now, it works on a much smaller level. With familiar hand gestures such as turning the key or pinch to zoom, the Soli chip can respond with a range of tasks. For example, to turn dialer on a digital watch, you only need to run your index finger with your thumb just as if you were turning the knob on an analog watch and the Soli watch would respond by flicking through numbers on the digital dial. Another example is the pinch to zoom. Just as we use pinch to zoom gesture on smartphones, we can perform these gestures in the air, and the Soli chip would detect that easily and perform the required task.

Because, it uses gestures familiar to our everyday tasks, learning to use Soli chips isn’t complicated and would assimilate seamlessly into our lives. It is inconceivable that someday Soli chips would incorporate into our home systems as quickly as Alexa. Rather than shout out instructions, which are prone to get misconstrued, we can control our home environment right off our wrists.

Creating Radar

The way the Soli chip works is by creating a little radar around itself. It then detects disturbances within that field and responds by performing the tasks. These disturbances create waves that the Soli chip also detects to assess the true extent of the gesture. For softer changes, it says to turn the knob more gently and slowly whereas, with a violent movement, the response would be more erratic.

Smart TV

We already see a part of this technology in smart TV particularly those manufactured by Samsung. Their line of smart TVs employ similar technology to Soli chips and respond to hand gestures for tasks like changing channels, controlling volume, and adjusting brightness among many things. What Soli chips do is streamline the tasks thus responding more swiftly.

Soli Chips’ Future

The future for Soli chips looks bright. From self-driving cars to managing heavy machinery remotely from a distance, the possibilities and avenues for its’ application and usage and virtually limitless. As Soli chips become a marketed product, the innovation that transforms them into something more unique and modern already seems too futuristic to be real. Regardless, the journey that Soli chips are on is an interesting one and would give a rush to many a gadget freak around the world.

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