Future of Android Developer in 2021

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Future of Android Developer in 2021


The start of 2020 brought the world together in disbelief and fear through the
The coronavirus that hit the world economy. Struggling under the strain of Covid19,
personally and professionally, the pandemic pushed industries to revise their business

Even though it was an unimagined change, there is something positive that comes from
this for industries and users. The surging demand for Android mobile applications.
Android has millions of mobile device users, and its mobile app development has already
broken the digital ground with great success, but with this pandemic, the number of
users rose exponentially.

Quarantined, people are now habitually more adept in using mobile applications for getting the required products and services to your doorstep.
Where industries have already shifted to the digital era, leading to increased consumption of mobile usage.

Developing mobile applications benefits businesses innumerably. Changing market trends in online shopping and integrated customer experience mobile apps have skyrocketed. Bespoke mobile apps for grocery shopping,
entertainment, money transfer, and consumer product purchasing are the need of the day.

When it comes to mobile apps, Android app development is foremost. The user-friendly
Android mobile application will predictably rule the roost for several years because of
the variety of economical mobile devices that run on Android. With the changing
demand and supply of services and products, mobile app development solutions are
moving full steam ahead with the latest trends and technologies.

Top trends that will rule the Android App development in 2021:

Many technological advances affected the landscape of android mobile application
development during the time of 2019-20. Those technologies are IoT, AI, virtual and augmented
reality, blockchain technology, 5G connectivity, M-commerce, and much more.
So, we are going to give you a review of the trends that will influence android app development
in 2021.

5G Technology

The fifth-generation of mobile phone internet abbreviated as 5G where you can download
Internet data much faster. It is rumored that 5G technology is unprecedentedly faster than 4G
networks, with speeds of 100 Gbps and high radio frequency. 5G will allow data transmission
with 1.4 billion mobile devices across the globe.
This technology is faster than 4G because the 4G technology network offers a maximum speed
of 45 Mbps on average.

* It will ensure more use of radio waves and allow more mobile phones to utilize the
Internet simultaneously.
* The standard 5G protocol has not yet been determined.
* Using 5G technology, people will utilize VR content in a more realistic and faster way.
* People will be able to download huge files or HD movies in mere minutes.
Keeping the above, in view, app developers who can implement 5G for a feature-rich app that
enhances business performance will be in high demand.

AR and VR Technology

Anyone interested in following technology and with even limited knowledge of modern mobile
app development trends knows of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). On July 6,
2016, Pokemon Go transformed AR & VR for the gaming and entertainment industry forever.
iOnRoad, Sky Siege, and my Nav are other examples of AR games, whereas VR devices like
Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift have gained considerable popularity.
Since Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are now comfortable and known concepts, in 2021,
people will see more widespread adoption and expansion of both these technologies.

*People need AR and VR applications in every sector of their life. Many businesses
companies will need to hire VR development services to grow their business.
* For improving business and getting an impact on sales, marketing companies are looking
for these two android app development technologies.
* In 2021, the android app development is going to create a more immersive mobile
experience in AR and VR and for enhanced simulations, will require the development of
better and more compatible hardware as support.

M-Commerce and Mobile Wallets

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through
wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a form of e-commerce, m-
commerce enables users to access online shopping platforms without needing to use a desktop
This further gave rise to another development of the mobile wallet which is a virtual wallet that
stores payment card information on a mobile device. Mobile wallets are a convenient way for a
user to make in-store payments and can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet
service provider.
Especially with the pandemic, both M-Commerce and Mobile Wallets became an intrinsic part
of our daily life. Mobile commerce is a medium through which people can easily do their own
business right now. M-commerce allows people to easily transfer money anywhere in the
world. Hence, android app development companies are also focusing on M-commerce.
* Using M-commerce, you are saved from trips to banks and long queues to deposit or
transfer money.
* With more people using payment applications such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and
Paytm, M-commerce has become more visible and will be more so in 2021.
Payment applications and their development will be one of the on-demand mobile applications
in 2021.

Enhancement of IoT Applications

Nowadays, the growth of any business depends on IoT applications. IoT will be used more
extensively in the manufacturing industry.
* Next year, app development agencies will use the Internet of Things to organize
* People are already using smartwatches to determine heart rate. IoT for medical reasons
will increase.
* Smart gadgets have many features that are a part of mobile apps, and they also make
life digitally wonderful.
* IoT applications with automated user control and convenience will be popular among
users bringing everything to customers in one click.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in technology is comparable to people with a high IQ. Once you code it
with specific instructions, it functions as per your coding reducing further manual intervention.
This is the future of web development, with the functionality of various development areas.
Artificial intelligence (AI) in technology is comparable to people with a high IQ.

Once you code it
with specific instructions, it functions as per your coding reducing further manual intervention.
This is the future of web development, with the functionality of various development areas.

AI divides technology into two:

* automation in multiple platforms such as autonomous systems, machine learning, deep
learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, natural language processing.

* chatbots, real-time emotion analytics which correlates with virtual companions, real-
time universal translation and thought-controlled gaming; neuromorphic computing and
cognitive cybersecurity, robotic personal assistants, autonomous surgical robotics, and
next-gen cloud robotics.

A few of AI are smart home, home cleaning robots, autopilot, voice search, etc. AI supports in
improving user experience multiple times than you expect, and it is the core of all future of web
development. Android App Development Companies are adding artificial intelligence
technologies during app development, taking mobile apps to the next level in 2021.

* AI technology improves user engagement, it saves time, resources, and money for
businesses by automating routine tasks.

* This technology will decrease the working pressure of any android app development
company by establishing infrastructure for coders.

* Artificial Intelligence detects human behavior and response through mobile applications
to users for a better experience.

* With the help of AI technology, mobile applications can connect with users on a deeper
level. It also gives users more control over how they use technology by understanding
their activity patterns.

Custom Android App Development

The growth of custom android app development helps to improve the efficiency of many
businesses. It makes users’ work easy while accessing real-time information on any device from
* Custom Android applications will improve the relationship between clients and a
development company.
* These apps are developed by professionals to provide security support to users.
* These applications are the best option for maintaining the growing demands of
industrial needs.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system of recording information so securely that it becomes difficult or
impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. The blockchain is a digital ledger of
transactions duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the
blockchain. Blockchains make bitcoins dynamic, facilitate transfers between bitcoins, and
records all its transactions.

* Despite its popularity, PayPal has been hacked and user data and transaction amounts
stolen from it. In the blockchain system, theft or corruption is impossible.
* The blockchain technology is being constantly improved for android applications to
provide more security.
* As cryptocurrencies continue to become ubiquitous in online transactions, it is not long
before banks will start using blockchain technology.
* The capabilities of the blockchain are already proven, so the government will start using
it soon.
Any award-winning android app development company will surely follow this technology to
grow in the future.

The Importance of Updating Apps alongside Changing Technology

It is very difficult to run the current generation without an android mobile application. It is
imperative to keep abreast of trends and updates and ensures your apps reflect these, it must
change, with changing technology. High-end app development for android requires an

understanding of programming languages and coding skills. A technically sound mobile app is
achievable with an experienced team of developers who have a complete know-how of
application development frameworks. An updated app provides the following:
* Customer trust and loyalty
* Competitive advantage
* Higher conversion rate
* Enhanced User experience
* Push notification for products, offers, and announcements
* Secure payment gateways
* Mortar stores with GPS features

Why would developers still be popular in 2021?

Watching the current global situation it is safe to say that even up to November 2020 we are
still in the grips of the Corona Virus, so the upsurge in phone usage is not lowering anytime
soon. Developers have found themselves in a race to develop better apps for a surge in usage
as more and more people turn to the net to get their everyday needs met.
Here are some apps and ideas developers will be working in 2021.

Cloud-Based Android Apps

One of the biggest advantages of developing cloud-based Android apps is that it keeps
huge amounts of data safe, which can be used and deployed from anywhere in an

Wearable Apps

Wearables use the Android SDK but have unique designs and functionality. Wearable
mobile apps support smartwatches and give hardware access like GPU and sensors.

Android App UX/UI Design

An expert app designer uses the best design techniques ensuring that the app grows and
has an interactive UI to attract visitors and offer a seamless user experience.

Custom Android App Development

Android developers will be the rage still in 2021. A professional developer discusses your
point of view and business requirements and then starts work on customizing the app
with advanced technology.

App Support, Maintenance & Optimization

Hiring an app development company will benefit you from the word go, as the work
from designing, feature enrichment to high performance, till post-deployment app
maintenance and support are consistently looked after for you.

Android App Updates

To improve the productivity and ROI of your apps, it is important to keep them relevant
and updated. Mobile app modernization helps you to meet user preferences and boost
up your sales.

Quality Analysis and Testing

Experienced developers will be required in 2021 to ensure you are not compromising
with quality. You want a high performance, quality product with zero bugs. An expert
developer follows the best security and testing practices to avoid any glitches.
Testing by developers

A professional team of app developers will perform several tests before final product

These could include:

  1. Beta testing.
  2. Regression testing
  3. Installation and Update testing
  4. Hardware specific testing
  5. Local storage testing
  6. Compatibility testing
  7. Performance testing
  8. Usability testing

So no matter what the situation, app development is not getting less popular anytime soon. A
fast-paced, quick-growing company like Appedology looks out for people with serious skills and
talent. If you are a developer and want to know what the scope is for you, we hope the blog
above helped, and if you are looking for a place to bring your skills to test, reach out to us. We
will be here way beyond 2021.

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