3 Extraordinary Ways to Enhance the Security of Mobile App

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Appedology.com | Date: June 26, 2018 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Tech
3 Extraordinary Ways to Enhance the Security of Mobile App


The rapid growth in the smartphone app development industry has assisted in clarifying the entire process of app development. With an availability of modern methodologies and uncontested techno-plugins - almost anybody who has the basic information about programming can create their own smartphone app. Yet developing a rich-featured and high functional app is a completely different thing. One of the fundamental phases in the process of app development is integrating safety into a presentable Graphic User Interface (GUI). A firm must assure the security of app, especially when it stores the user’s personal credentials like username, password, and other details.

Encrypting Data

Encrypting data on the smartphone using techniques such as 256-bit AES is the most proficient way to ensure app security. The 256-bit AES technique helps in encrypting the confidential data of the user not only from hackers but also from the ISPs.

Pushing Updates

Identifying potential vulnerabilities in applications and simultaneously releasing updates to enhance the security of an application is the cornerstone of managing a successful application. Although it is tempting to push out updates as soon as a flaw is identified, it is a good practice to vigorously test out the ‘fix’ to make sure it is free from bugs and errors.

Remote Data Format

It is too easy to lose mobile devices these days, so having a remote data format feature puts app users at ease since they can easily wipe their data off a device - granted they have this feature enabled on their device. This feature keeps the overall ecommerce activities of the users protected even if they lose their smartphones. Appedology, the leading applications development Company in USA is significantly emphasizing on research and development to find new ways of extending the security of mobile apps in the coming future.

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