Why App Personalization Is Roughly Increasing

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Appedology.com | Date: July 19, 2018 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Tech
Why App Personalization Is Roughly Increasing


In an era where having a mobile application has become crucial for running business, almost every app owner persistently wants to upgrade their mobile apps and try to keep up with the latest trends which make users constantly engaged with an app. A modernized smart app user demands for upgrades over time. The audience will not engage with an app just because you are delivering the latest trends or up-to-date features, therefore a developer must pay close attention to personalizing users’ experience. A big problem apps owner’s face is users’ patience. App owners are always under the pressure of upgrading their themes, features, in ways that users find it attractive. Let’s have a look why app personalization is increasing day by day:

Better Customer Retention:

 Improving conversions and enlarging the recurring conversions are two different things. Research shows us that the post-purchase programs which offer personalization are an essential medium in getting rapid purchases. When we talk about customer retention, it is based on two things, relationship and familiarity. These two things which personalize customer retention are dependent on each other.

Totally Tailored Marketing:

 Behavioral data and profile data are the two configurations of user data which essentially generate your personalization strategy.

Behavioral Data:

It delivers all the data-activity of a user about how he has interacted with your app. It includes conversions, using time, in-app messages center, slide views, pictorial used, drop-offs and everything else that he can do in your app.

Profile Data:

Profile data delivers apps’ user attributes like gender, customer type, location, email, number (in few apps), location, and also a data of user gathered across every medium. An amalgamation of behavioral data and profile data gives you an ability to richly personalize your marketing app which offers to target specific user channels.

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