IPhone X's A11 Chip - Addressed Many CPU Cores

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IPhone X's A11 Chip - Addressed Many CPU Cores


IPhone X’s A11 Chip- Apple has been at the forefront of technology especially in terms of phones. Every iPhone that comes out is more powerful than the last and the latest iPhone release is no different. It comes with an A11 chip that can simultaneously run 6 CPU cores. This was confirmed through a series of leaks with regards to the iOS 11 Gold Master build.

Steven Troughton-Smith gave us an in-depth analysis of the iOS 11 GM code. One of the first things to come from him was the new name for CPU cores on the A11 Chip—Mistral.

If the clock frequency stays the same from A10 thy only had two sets of high and a low-performance core, iPhone C comes with more CPU cores that can run simultaneously. 

Let’s dive in

  • iPhone 7 comes with A10 chip that only allows a single core to operate at a time. Anytime the iPhone 7 is either running on battery draining high-performance core or battery-saving low-performance cores.
  • By comparison, the recently released iPad pros run on three high-performance cores and high-efficiency cores. The former is called ‘Hurricane’ while the latter is referred to as the ‘Zephyr’.
  • In a nutshell, apps in iPhone X will have at their disposal all six cores at any given time which makes them one of the most high-performing devices ever.

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