iOS App Development Trends In 2021

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iOS App Development Trends In 2021


iOS App Development Trends In 2021

Smartphones used to be simple instruments for communication, with a few essential apps added in for organizing or entertainment, in the early days of this technology, but with the course of time, these applications have grown to enhance the user's experience by providing entertainment, information, education, and so much more. Since smartphone usage increased, so did mobile app development.

The two most commonly used mobile application platforms. iOS and Android, have extremely different algorithms and offer different development technologies. Android devices are extensively used all over the world by a majority of the working class. iOS devices aren’t far behind with targeted high-end users, they may not bring in the big numbers globally, but it is a statistically proven fact that iOS users spend bigger bucks than Android users. Hence, Development companies often keenly focus on iOS app development, especially since Apple introduces the latest development technologies accessible to iOS developers. Let's discuss iOS application development trends in 2021 if iOS is the development venture you choose to pursue.

1.      Swift 5 and 5.1 programming language

In 2020, iOS introduced Swift 5 and 5.1 in its development domain that are better versions of the previously used programming language versions. Swift provides incredible application functionalities to develop the best iOS app and is popular due to  ABI stability, library updates, binary compatibility, stable modules, and package manager.

In 2021, Swift 6 will replace Swift 5 (Swift 5.3 is already in the offings) and we can expect even better feature integration. Apple has not revealed details yet, but one can anticipate excellent features of Swift language server, a better tool kit with Package Manager, perfect diagnostics, rapid build, improved bug removing support, and cloud memory, to name a few.

2.      Core Machine Learning

iOS application development will integrate more Machine Learning technology in 2021. With the advent of hybrid apps, iOS applications are now being developed with Core Machine Learning technology so that users will experience responsive and prompt functionalities.

With more and more incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technology in our daily lives, the integration of Machine Learning in application development is imperative and iOS is making it a trend in 2021.

Apple implements various new techniques to successfully utilize machine learning and among them adding new layers, encrypting model support, and automatic host model updates are prominent. So, we are pretty sure we will witness smarter and more efficient intelligent applications on iOS platforms in 2021.

3.       Artificial Intelligence and Siri

Most of us are already aware of the incredible AI technology apple had introduced in October 2011. Siri is a virtual assistant that is part of every Apple device to offer assistance and help to the user and enhance their experience. AI, in general, will gain further popularity as the newest technological advances have opened the doors for personalized assistance. Integrating AI bots such as Siri for customer support should be a top priority for every iOS app developer. Many top applications have already integrated features that can help an application connect with Siri to provide personalized content for users.

4.      Wearable iOS apps

Apple offers various smart wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and Airbuds. Although these devices may have the same functionalities, they each work under different design parameters. An article published on Gartner states

"The net worth of the wearable device market can reach up to $62 billion by 2021".

That is why wearable iOS applications are trending in 2021, and now developers can explore new avenues in iOS development to unleash their creativity and productivity.

5.      Accelerated mobile pages

iOS is focusing on accelerated mobile pages to provide users with prompt and responsive data transmission. It is trending as more and more companies are willing to engage users with their content and retain traffic: so Apple is integrating AMPs to enhance the user experience as much as possible.

If you want to increase your user’s engagements through Accelerated Mobile Pages, consult Appedology for professional services. We are one of the fastest-growing mobile and iOS app design and development company, along with being a total digital solutions provider in the USA. We will develop your iOS app just as you want it, adhering strictly to guidelines by iOS platform, so that deploying it doesn’t have to be the Herculean task it often is.

6.      Internet of Things

The internet of things or IoT is greatly influencing our lifestyles through regular products around us such as air conditioners, cars, even smart shoes that can connect to our mobile phones. IoT is a giant network that uses sensor integration for data collection and control options. In 2021, the best iOS apps will greatly revolve around IoT as this technology enhances the way we interact with electronic devices. Most mobile app development companies have started integrating this into their projects and will continue to do so.

7.      Cloud Integration

Cloud computing is another technology that is getting more and more attention with every passing year. Top app development companies are utilizing this opportunity to save hosting costs that make app development projects more affordable for businesses. It is similar to outsourcing a project as your app will not need servers to be built. You can use cloud computing services either from Apple such as iCloud or external sources, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. On top of cutting down the costs, it will enhance the performance of your app and reduce the downtime for maintenances and updates.

8.       Enhanced Augmented Reality and ARKit

iOS apps and Augmented Reality work synchronously and it may just be one of the trending technologies in 2021. Every iOS app developer knows how to develop AR and after Apple collaborated with Amazon, developers rushed in to begin using the ARKit for its numerous benefits and advantages. There have been a lot of innovations in iOS application development after this venture such as Location Anchors on maps, Depth APIs, Face Tracking Support, etc. We would keep our eye on this feature. It will only get hotter!

9.      Improved App Security

The integrity of user data should always be a priority during any mobile app development project. iOS is an operating system that is well known for its high security as Apple sets strict security criteria for applications. Although there is already great security associated with iOS apps, the threat to personal user data cannot be overlooked. Hence, developers will continue to focus on improving security features. Apple has recently released App Transport Security that developers can utilize for additional security as it offers the latest framework.

10.     Apple Pay

Digital money transfer, eCommerce, and online banking are growing at an alarming rate which means that app developers must also adapt to this change. Consumers do find it more convenient to make a payment and/or transfer money from their mobile phones. A recent report showed that there were over 440 million Apple Pay users in 2019 and this number is only going to increase. Due to the continuous growth of online payments, integrating Apple Pay in mobile applications that require a transaction is a great idea for developers. It will not only create the perfect opportunity to deal with digital money but also provide Apple’s security for international transactions.

To Sum It Up

iOS app development is always revolving around the latest trends due to advancements in technology. For developers and businesses, it is essential to design apps accordingly so that the final product can be monetarily successful for app owners and reliable for users. If you’re looking for the best iOS app development company, we’re here: and you can reach out to us easily. We, at Appedology, offer you perfect bespoke solutions for your digital projects and stay updated with the latest trends in mind, to manifest the same in your apps. Catering to all your needs, our team of experts will help you achieve your dreams of developing the perfect application. And we say, “Why not!”

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