How to Increase Downloads Of A Mobile Application

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How to Increase Downloads Of A Mobile Application


Mobile phones and applications have stimulated the buzz in business market resulting in companies, looking forward to build a mobile strategy for promoting their business and selling their services. Therefore, the importance of a mobile application should not be ignored as it is estimated that a smartphone user spends almost 5 hours on mobile applications daily and such time is more than enough for any business where it can attract its audience.

Rather than just developing an application, it is far more important to come up with an effective and useful mobile app. The reason behind this is there are already thousands of applications available but not every app is capable of attracting audiences. Therefore, in mobile app development, it is equally important that along with the design and functionality of the app, the app should also be visible to its targeted audience to get more and more downloads.

In order to have more downloads, following points are considerable;



In order to increase downloads, encouraging users to post positive reviews about the application is a useful step. Posting positive reviews about the app enables it to be on top rank on app stores. This can be made possible by making users to rate your app through review option and offer prizes or deals when they rate an application.


Icon Design;

An immaculate design of the mobile app icon helps in targeting audience so that they have a clear idea what is the application all about. The more clear the app design is, the more downloads are on your way.


Social Platforms;

In order to build a stronger user-base for your app, you should make sure that your app is integrated with the social networking websites. The reason behind is that social media plays an important role in increasing downloads of your business app.


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