How to Find the Publisher of Website

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How to Find the Publisher of Website


If you’re new to the Internet, locating the publisher or author of a website may be very difficult. For certain reasons, many website publishers don’t want to share their names.

Millions of websites are registered from a number of domains and hosting providers on a regular basis. The registration process for a website includes providing your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. And all those information are stored in the DNS (Domain Name Server) records as soon as the website is registered. There are several applications available to access a website’s DNS records and one is the whois application.

How to contact the publisher of the website?

The best way to find information about the author of a website is to contact us, the website manager. Most publishers, however, tend not to reveal their contact details. In this scenario, you will be left with a contact box to fill in your information and wait for the publisher or owner to contact you. Instead, if the website has a Terms & Conditions tab, it is possible that the details of the website publisher will be hidden inside.

How to find the publisher of a website?

  1. Visit and enter the search field with the website address. 
  1. To find out who registered the domain, search for the “Registrant Contact” records. If the registration information is blocked you can still try to contact the owner through their proxy email.

How to find the publisher of an article?

On the first page of the article, most citation information will appear; however, the location of that information will differ from journal to journal. You can find at the top or bottom of the article’s tab the location of the journal name, page number, publication date, and volume and issue number.

How to find the sponsor of a website?

Clicking ‘About Us’ Pages also contains a section About Us. It usually offers a more detailed overview of the site, which may include information about ownership and sponsorship. The connection to the section About Us may be obvious, but it may be tucked away at some places in a small form in a corner of the page or at the bottom.

How to find when a website was published?

Look under the title of an article or blog post to find a website’s publication date, where the date should be specified. If you are not looking at an post, try searching for a copyright date or range down to the bottom of the page, so you know if the website is currently being updated.

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