How to become an Instagram influencer The Ultimate Guide

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How to become an Instagram influencer The Ultimate Guide


The ultimate guide to becoming an Instagram influencer:

Step 1: Define Your Niche

Instagram has more than 800 MILLION users a month. You need to stand out if you want a piece of the influencing cake. You need to speak to ONE person to build a team around one key subject. (Not sure which niche to pick from? Check out my previous posts on tiny niches you could conquer and five of the most lucrative niches.) By conquering an Instagram niche, it doesn’t matter whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 followers. 

What you’re going to find is a really active audience who values your opinion – and that’s the kind of influencer brands that you want to partner for.

Step 2: Create High-Quality Instagram Posts

I know it sounds simplistic because the nature of the material you put out there will decide if people like your page, comment on it and follow it. A blurred selfie or dimly lit food image usually doesn’t draw droves of raving fans. What if you post high-quality photographs that inspire, teach or entertain people (read: non-pixelated, esthetically pleasing)? Let’s chat now. 

If you want your account to expand, you need to invest in a proper smartphone or DSLR camera and spend time taking images with a strong design, good lighting and focus on the right areas. You do need to make sure you write captions and use the correct one.

Step 3: Stick To One Design Theme for Your Feed

The number one aspect that distinguishes influencer accounts from the general masses is by consistent aesthetic. A coherent feed lets the followers get a brief peek at what to expect from your page. This also increases interest by having viewers longer on your page, as they may be inspired to take more pictures as they scroll down your post. Once you continue to work for companies, the figures on engagement play a huge part in securing your paying job. 

Find a feed style that fits for you (meaning that you can still stick to it) and start standing out from the rest.

Step 4: Commit To A Consistent Posting Schedule

The Instagram algorithm favors accounts that are regularly updated. Why? For what? Since Instagram needs users to use the platform regularly, and accounts that help it achieve that target are put higher in the newsfeed. You need to adhere to your timetable, whether you want to write several times a day or every day. Consistency is praised by Instagram. To prepare your feed for the week using software like Later or Planoly. You will continue to see a spike in interest and followers by taking an hour out of your day to curate content for the week, composing your captions and picking your hashtags.

How to Become Instagram Famous?

  1. Do research. It’s good to set realistic and attainable targets much like any new undertaking.
  2. Aim for qualitative. Take beautiful images.
  3. Using hashtags with care. That can be a hashtag if you can code it. … 
  4. Build on engagement. 
  5. Just note what NOT to do. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that relies on using influential personalities to push the message from the brand to a wider audience. Rather than selling directly to a broad group of people, you empower / recruit/pay influencers to get the message out for you.

How to be active in influencer marketing?

  1. Have Your Niche. You need to pick your niche first before you begin your journey to becoming an influencer. … 
  2. Optimize the accounts on social media. … 
  3. Know The Audience. … 
  4. Create and post material related to your needs. … 
  5. Be Consistent and Regular. … 
  6. Join The Audience. … 
  7. Let the companies know that you are open to collaborations.
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