Benefits of Digital Marketing under Covid19

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Benefits of Digital Marketing under Covid19


In this article, we will cover the Benefits of digital marketing under Covid19. Let’s start with why digital marketing is so important.

Why digital marketing is so important?

One of the main reasons why digital marketing takes over traditional marketing channels is because the internet has allowed businesses to interact in real-time with targeted audiences. Customers have become accustomed to getting engaged and engaging with the brand or company. The capacity to attain a global marketplace. You can save money and get fewer amount to more customers than traditional marketing methods. Get to know your customers and let them know you personally which brand loyalty will help to create. You will automatically watch the reactions to your marketing activities.

Benefits of digital marketing:

It may come as no surprise that as technology continues to develop, the industry has become even more interactive. Every day, the effects of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent. Consumers are rapidly investigating and purchasing goods online. 82 per cent of customers are doing research online, according to Forbes. And, Tech Crunch reports online shopping for 79 per cent of people. Here is the list of digital marketing benefits:

The most powerful form of marketing is digital marketing 

Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way you reach your customers and get them involved. But you needn’t take our word for it. Here are some real examples of how digital marketing tactics help businesses reach their target market just like yours, and influence conversions:

  1. Company of e-commerce candles, Nidhi boosted their revenue by 714 per cent over a three-month span using social media (with some support from LYFE marketing).
  2. For less than $1 per commitment over the course of a year, Forever Diamonds, a Georgia jewellery company, has been able to reach and engage its fans, increasing foot traffic and leading to real conversions.
  3. We helped a snowmobiling business selling snow equipment, generating SEO results worth $96,664.98 in just 5 months!
  4. Our team also helped a local gym convert 210 new leads through effective and targeted Google ads over 90 days at a cost of just $4.33 per lead.

Those cases are a true testament to the digital marketing benefits.

The most cost-effective way to market your business is to use digital marketing tactics 

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that it is the most cost-effective way of marketing your business. It is very difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to compete for ad space with bigger businesses when it comes to traditional marketing. Small companies will also get more into their ad investment through inexpensive digital marketing strategies. Remember this – a small company will use social media to connect more than 1,000 customers to its goods and services for under $3. While the same exposure costs about $57 through direct mail, and about $28 through television ads.

While traditional marketing tactics often come with varying hidden costs, time is the only cost to digital marketing. It takes time for SEO, web marketing and social media interaction to work its magic. Digital marketing tactics such as pay-per-click, display, and social media advertising, however, still exist which can produce faster results.

The most measurable form of marketing is digital marketing 

How do you know the mechanics of marketing?

Just measuring your success over time is the only way to know for sure. While the success of a traditional marketing campaign such as a radio advertisement or mailer can be difficult to track, every digital marketing tactic you use is measurable. This value is a justification you need to invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing analytics takes the guesswork from determining if your marketing really works. By taking real-time assessments of your digital marketing strategies, you will see which tactics succeed and which do not. Then, you can adjust your campaigns to be more successful. Often, you will use the lessons you learned from the process to enhance future campaigns.

How coronavirus affect businesses?

Businesses need to navigate coronavirus ‘financial and operational challenges while addressing their people, clients and suppliers’ needs quickly. This page offers our leaders’ expert perspectives combined with concrete steps the company can take to turn enormous uncertainty into positive change. If they continue to tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s CEOs face daunting, conflicting threats and uncharted seas. CEOs have necessarily prioritized the Now to support their people, customers and suppliers, address supply chain disruption, stabilize revenue, align their business with evolving demand, and identify new growth pathways. Leaders are fast turning their focus to the Next, a time of uncertain and probably slowed economic growth with new strategic challenges and opportunities, and quite probably a decade of the Never Usual, a new age characterized by increasingly evolving cultural expectations, social standards and attitudes, such as increased demand for ethical corporate practices and revived brand intent.

How to boost your businesses online?

Here is the step of Online Business Guide

  1. In Your Sales Copy, be honest. …
  2. Get Ad Clicks More with Ad Extensions. …
  3. Show off Client Testimonials and Signs of Confidence. …
  4. Build an Urgency Feeling. …
  5. Give a money-back guarantee which is Bulletproof. …
  6. Offer fewer selections. …
  7. Target Audiences Lookalike on Facebook. …
  8. Reduce friction during check-out

Digital marketing strategy in 2020:

Here is the list of digital marketing strategy in 2020:

  1. Facebook May Be Peaking.
  2. Instagram is a hit with the kids. …
  3. Chatbots Will Dominate Customer Service. …
  4. A video is No Longer an Option. …
  5. Good Content Still Matters (and Now Context Matters More!) …
  6. Email is Getting More Personalized. …
  7. Interactive Content Will Become Mainstream. …
  8. Voice Interaction Continues Upward.
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