Brand Management You know your customers best. We turn that into results. We refine your online brand experience into a powerful business. Business Automation We infuse technology in your business: optimizing, blending, and streamlining your business processes cost-effectively with tailored software & automation services Software Development Our developers, designers, and strategists ask the right questions to get you products with seamless features, perfect platforms and best ROIs. Digital Marketing The Best Digital Marketing Agency, USA we deliver goal-oriented, bespoke, strategies and campaigns promoting your business plans, budgets and dreams.



Appedology is one of the fastest-growing, top app development companies in the US. We are a digital transformation consultancy committed to consistently perfecting our app development services, software/website development, and design services at an extensive professional length.




For bespoke custom mobile app developed for mobile devices, Appedology ensures it keeps accurate records, provides better data, works fast, has great interface, and is way better than your competitors.


Proper E-Commerce integration allows seamless working of your E-Commerce site and back-end ERP. Our systems streamline supply chain, manufacturing, and procurement to efficiently deliver products and services to your customers.


Appedology’s web development starts by understanding your business vision. Your successes and pain points help us develop the best bespoke, engaging, user-friendly, optimized, responsive, and multi-platform web apps for you.


Graphic designers create vivid content using typography, photography, iconography and illustration. At Appedology, we focus on displaying interactive design elements and page layout techniques to optimize your customers’ user experience.

Marketing Solutions

A Top Digital Marketing Agency in USA, we provide the best digital solutions from SMM, SEO to Web Content Writing; our strategies get traffic to your business, on your terms.


Appedology’s best digital products ensure ROI for your bespoke campaigns. From Mobile Apps, Game Development, animations, videos, Business Management Systems, HRM and ERP, we create your optimized products.

Our Technologies

All technology is not created equal. Leave figuring out which technology will serve your needs to us. If you can envision it, we will develop it using only technologies that are best for you, and your app.

LAMP is a four open-source components based web stack Web apps need an OS, web server, DB, and a programming language to work. LAMP- Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python makes up a fully functional environment and is a popular choice for developers.





Database design and development is necessary for supporting and automating business processes. Developing concise yet extensible databases helps reduce the amount of time you spend managing data, promotes an organized approach to data management and turns information into resources.

SQL Sever



PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) a server-side scripting language allows web programmers to create web solutions faster. Because it is open-source, stable and easy to use, it remains the premium choice for most developers. 



Core PHP

Business Process Automation automates repetitive tasks using software technologies in areas such as customer billing, inventory management, customer support, employee boarding. Our BPM software allows you to out-perform everyone, including yourself.




Android and iOS mobile developers build, test, and deploy mobile apps using analytic and programming skills to create apps that are not only aesthetic but supported by APIs, data diagrams, servers, data integration, and push notification services.


Android Studio

Project Management Software is used by many industries for project planning, resource allocation and scheduling. Strong software enables project managers and teams to control their budget, quality management and all documentation exchanged throughout a task, thus running the project like clockwork.

MS Project


Proper back-end development includes database interactions, calculations, and performance. The coding that makes a website functional is done back-end. Effective coding ensures your website does not crash, lag or run errors because of poor back-end planning. 


Node Js

Front-end development enables creation of business concentric user experiences on your web products. It takes 0.05 seconds for an average user to form an opinion of a B2B company by looking at their website. That means the tech skills of a front-end developer have to be out of this world.









Providing best solutions begins with asking questions. We study your business vision, analyze your users and competitors, examine problems and promote your products commercial strengths. Then transmute that into goals.

Gathering ideas

After goals comes brainstorming. Our beehive activates, playing with countless different strategies from aesthetics to monetization mechanisms, until we can distil it into one working plan that’s best for you.


Development plan decided on, teams are now structured, and timelines in place. Our developers and designers are buzzing. From mobile to enterprise-scale apps, we work on reliability, flexibility, and scale.

Soft Launch

Your bespoke digital product is ready for beta testing. Functionality, interface, user-friendliness checked and rechecked. Your app is released to a testing audience and adjustments made. We’re still buzzing!


The hive releases your campaign on desired platforms to reach your users. Our developers gather real-time operational and performance data and streamline run-time issues so users have a great experience.


We’re with you all the way, data measuring, interpreting, designing new initiatives, updating and re-launching; continuing the transformation we’ve started. You won’t be surprised when we buzz: Let’s do more.

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