7 Mobile Innovation and App Ideas to Try in 2020

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7 Mobile Innovation and App Ideas to Try in 2020


In this blog, we are discussing 7 Mobile innovation and app ideas to try in 2020. Let’s start with mobile innovation:


Mobile innovation is one of four market forces that are redefining customer demand, expectations and business opportunities for technology and other industry sectors. One thing that you can count on in the mobile device sector is changing.

If you’re not delivering new innovations in your next-generation designs for smartphones, tablets, and wearables, which are occurring at a faster pace, then you might as well pack it up because most consumers are looking for the next big thing.


Find below a list of tools that make the life of innovators in both small and large organizations easier.


  • POP
  • InstaPage


  • Canva
  • Biteable
  • Every Pixel
  • Smart Mockups

3- Productivity

  • Sloth
  • Small PDF

4- Inspiration

  • Attach
  • Really Good Emails

5- Insights

  • Typeform
  • Charlie
  • Google Alerts
  • Buzz sumo


Innovation meaning is a new idea, thoughts, imaginations in the form of a device or method. Following are the benefits of innovation:

  • Improved productivity & reduced costs
  • Better quality.
  • Building a product range.
  • To handle legal and environmental issues.
  • More added value.
  • Improved staff retention, motivation and easier recruitment.

Innovative Mobile App

Airbnb’s guest experience:

Airbnb simplified its interface, introduced new filters, and created a whole new search algorithm that better matches users with places to stay, according to their preferences. And like a good hotel concierge, Airbnb can now tell you about the best sights and experiences in the neighborhood.


Mobile ads aren’t much more than an annoyance, but the company Button makes them a lot more useful. The Button’s software development kit allows developers to integrate actionable software buttons into other developers’ apps.


Create is a mobile-first design app that develops sophisticated mock-ups, all in one interface that makes it feel as easy as drawing.

Giphy Cam:

Giphy is the Google of animated GIFs. Giphy Cam makes it easy to create your own meme-worthy looping animations, with a range of quirky, Snapchat-like filters designed to help each GIF uploaded to the service go viral.

M for Facebook Messenger:

M for Facebook Messenger is the first step toward that future: a virtual assistant that lives within Facebook’s messaging app, combining human and machine intelligence to do things like shop, find reservations or even plan events.

Pinterest Product Design Standards

To make sure that experience is great for everyone, the social network has established a new set of product design standards, guaranteeing that the Pinterest experience is the same on iOS and Android as it is on the web.


Specimen is a mobile color-matching game that invites you to match an increasingly subtle palette of hues with colors in a slow-moving petri dish of chromatic blobs.

Zero Click Ordering:

If you thought to order a pizza was already too easy, don’t set up Domino’s Zero Click ordering, which makes calling in your regular pie as easy as opening the Domino’s app and watching its 10-second countdown. Talk about dangerous.

 gallery innovative app


The successful app startups are based on the best of the ideas!

  1. Cab-haling app
  2. Shopping App.
  3. Social Networking App.
  4. Cooking Assistant App.
  5. Food Delivery App.
  6. Grocery App.
  7. Travel App.
  8. Language Learning App.


Innovation is when the invention meets the market need. An innovative mobile app idea that gives people solutions to their needs has a good chance of becoming a success.Good ideas are essential for a successful app startup. The success of an app startup idea is determined by the value it adds to users’ lives.


  1. Virtual Interior Design
  2. Book reviews Recommendation
  3. Virtual jewelry Try On.
  4. Search for objects by photos
  5. City guide
  6. Public car sharing


App Innovators are a mobile-first technology company, dedicated to helping the world go mobile. App Innovators are a full-service digital agency specializing in mobile app development, website development, and digital marketing.

Following are the apps which are needed to be invented

Virtual Reality enabled app

Capable of unveiling a completely different reality in front of humans, VR is crossing all boundaries of shocking humans with its features. VR has started being merged with other technologies like IoT and used extensively in industrial IoT as well. Gone are those days when VR was only popular in gaming applications.

Chatbot App

Bots can talk like humans cutting the needs of actual human customer service executives present all the time. The world is small but competition is fierce. Make your services to reach your customers with the most trending ways because this is what customers look and expect for at the end!

Health Care Apps

Telemedicine apps are becoming increasingly popular these days. Hit hard these never-ending needs of people with efficiently developmental healthcare apps. This idea is not the one that is yet to be executed. Today, medicines are being delivered after online orders. Some apps are providing doctors’ consultation.

Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is one of the most invested technologies of contemporary times. According to a study by Statista, it has been found out that by 2023, the blockchain market will reach 23.3 billion U.S dollars.  Utilizing this technology to provide solutions to a targeted audience seems a bright option.

What to do with an app idea?

  • Specify the main goal of your Android or iPhone app ideas.
  • Determine your Target Audience.
  • Perform a competitive analysis.
  • Make a prototype of your basic app idea.
  • Don’t forget bout business stuff
  • Find investment
  • Marketing
  • Continuous improvement.

Mobile Apps have become a multi-billion dollar Industry Because:

The Mobile app development affects both businesses and people’s lives for at least the past few years. Smartphones have become our constant companions, technologies have penetrated our daily lives, and mobile app development has become a multibillion dollar industry. The mobile app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 3 million apps in the market. The truth is; mobile apps have become an essential part of our society and human life.  The more people get access to mobile phones; the more mobile apps will continue to grow.

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