5 reasons to choose iOS for Mobile App Development

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Appedology.com | Date: June 26, 2018 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Tech
5 reasons to choose iOS for Mobile App Development


A buzz has always been around related to what platform shall be chosen for Mobile Applications development and has always been highly debatable. In our previous blog, we discussed how beneficial is the Android app development platform. The market share has been the bone of contention between iOS and Android app development. However, the ultimate decision totally depends on the company itself and its requirements for the applications. Here, we will highlight 5 reasons why the iOS platform can prove to be an incredible choice for app development.

  • App Quality;
    Quantitatively, Android outruns iOS due to the number of apps developed using android platform but when it comes to the quality of an app, iOS surely turns the table upside down. The iOS platform provides an unmatched quality specifically in niches of children’s apps, media, and games.
  • No Carrier Data;
    Unlike Android, where a lot of pre-installed applications do not work according to the promised quality, Apple iOS doesn’t allow any unnecessary apps or carrier junk. This is a great advantage that iOS offers its users to enjoy over Android phones.
  • Better HTML Support;
    As we know that HTML5 comprises of all the potential to replace Flash, for catering the multimedia requirements of users on the web. In Fact, it is already a big thing on web; thus, a better support will definitely boost the usage of Apple devices.
  • More Better Siri;
    Apple has made further improvements in its Siri, adding many surprising features, that answer questions by the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. These questions range from a variety of problems, to which the Siri offers a very satisfactory answer. Apple has made Siri so sophisticated that there are a very few answers that surface any errors.
  • User-friendly;
    iOS applications are extremely easy to use, enjoyable and desirable among the users. Apple devices have higher processor speed and advanced functions with a huge storage that helps the iPhone users to use small and feature-rich applications, enabling them to be developed by the use of Human Interface Guidelines for iOS development. The use of iPads and iPhones has been prominently increased by business classes, thus making its way into the young generation as well.

Appedolgy does not compromise on its quality of its Custom iOS Development services USA, and leverage the amazing features that come with iOS devices. Our uncompromising quality has allured many users and therefore many organizations have reaped huge benefits by hiring us for their iOS app development. We recommend that an application should be designed on the iOS platform first, in order to test all the limits and skill sets. Creating on the Android platform, later on, will always be an easier task.

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