4 Pillars of Digital Transformation

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4 Pillars of Digital Transformation


4 Pillars of Digital Transformation

There is no doubt that digital transformation is on the rise and any business that opts out, will be left behind. Adapting to change is extremely important to ensure long-lasting success. A good example of this is of mobile app developers who are also exploring web development due to demanding times. In these ever-changing times, it is essential to understand the basics of going digital and how this transformation can benefit your ideas. Learn all about Digital Transformation and its all-important 4 pillars in this blog.

Why Is Digital Transformation A Trend Now?

The advancement of computer power has made organizations change their way of working; transforming digitally to make their business grow in the market. The increase in data volumes is now easily stored or integrated through a digital transformation that was otherwise impossible to perform. Many employees and workers who have high knowledge of digital projects wish to work in an environment of their choice and have high expectations of their workplace. Digital transformation has a lot of benefits, and organizations are revolutionizing to get the max out of it, whilst app development companies work tirelessly to offer an array of highly demanded digital solutions.

How Can Digital Transformation Help Your Business?

Evolving your business model with changing times helps your business, and you will be able to provide the same goods and services in an improved, more efficient manner. The transformation you seek will not only bring the latest tools and technology to your organization but will enhance your growth in many ways such as business expansion, customer satisfaction, higher revenue, etc. It will give a better idea and understanding of the business to your employees, customers, and target market.

4 Pillars Of Digital Transformation

Technology has become one of the most important parts of today’s economic world. It is essential, that you keep learning about the latest technologies to make your establishment grow in a competitive market. In order to make your venture successful, let's explore the four pillars of transformation that can help you start your journey.

Add Value to Your Team’s Work Environment

Employees are a key to success for every business as they hold the company together. Modern work processes combine with technology, encouraging workers to operate smoothly and conveniently as more and more office functions become paperless or technologically inclined. Implementing digital transformation means maintaining broad and forward-thinking ideas to encourage your team, and to perform with the best tools and technologies available. Many employees are already familiar with basic digital knowledge as they are working with applications such as MS Office, Skype, and Google Drive. However, more applications directed towards project management and progress tracking can be implemented. If an employee grows comfortable working with these common and later target-specific applications, their individual performance will improve.

The growing volume of data a company may have is also easier to handle with digital applications. Businesses have the opportunity to empower their employees by letting them transform the work environment themselves. Successful businesses leverage the power of mobility and provide app access to their teams to maximize productivity.

Digitally Manage Customer Relationships

Customer behavior has changed across generations. The customers in today’s world are much more advanced and aware of the use of the latest technologies. This is shown by the increasing use of mobile phones to buy products from home, or to consume a service. Many app development companies also recommend adding customer support options in mobile apps to enhance their customer experiences. Customers will be much more satisfied if the company they are dealing with is on the same track as them, in the digital world. It is not a good idea to use old marketing techniques to sell your products: instead, use the latest tools and strategies in your business models to attract new customers.

You should also try interacting with your customers to gain their support and offer them the best-suited products, instead of forcing the same product upon every customer. Customizing your products or making them special for each individual customer will show that you care about your clients, but that’s not always possible. Providing the best customer support to help your customers deal with their problems effectively is what every good business should be planning. If you think you are unable to solve their problems, recommend them other services that might be effective. This may seem like a negative thing but it shows the customer how transparent your organization is. Your digital transformation can be a game-changer for your business and your customers. It can help you build loyalty, through constant interaction, and will boost your sales.

Enhance and Improve Your Operations

To improve your business structure, it is necessary that you enhance all your business processes. The main purpose of this improvement is that it reduces costs and employees can get the maximum benefit out of it. Kick-starting the process of optimization requires performing a detailed data audit at your company, allowing you to enhance your data by categorizing and storing it digitally. This improves your ability to securely manage and store large amounts of data and use it for the operational efficiency of your organization. You can store your data on Cloud storage with unlimited space and backup options. This technology is not only good for information security but also gives the business new capabilities enabling your company to be more agile in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Once your data is saved, you can take operational efficiency to the next level without stressing over security factors.

The power of Cloud technology is noteworthy in this evolving world. For business operations, you no longer need to invest time and money in maintaining and updating your servers when everything can be done conveniently. Instead, the same time and money can be invested in business infrastructure and additional digitalized options to enhance the growth of your organization.

Adjust Your Products to Suit the Digital World

The last pillar is to transform the products themselves: this can also include services provided by your business. In doing this, you can focus on making technology transform your business and add more value to the market and customers. You can discuss digitalizing your products with your app developers and let them know how to integrate services into your projects. Focusing on new customers and transforming your products according to their needs and wants will give you an upper hand over your competitors as well. The change and transformation of your business model can help you get a successful setup for your company. To adopt new changes, a business will need to accept the necessary digital improvements. Without the use of the right tools, it will be difficult for a business to grow and compete in the market.

Digitally transforming products helps businesses change the outlook of their services to gain more customer support and trust. They can deliver value-added products and improve their performance thus creating new markets to explore.


Digitalization is a big part of today’s society that is going to play a vital role in the future as well. It is an absolute necessity for businesses to go digital and enhance their services to not only survive but thrive. If you’re a business owner looking to go digital, you can reach out to us. We, at Appedology, will cater to all your needs through our experienced team of web and mobile app developers, creating the perfect opportunity for your business to grow. So call now and start thinking digitally!

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