11 Most Common Brand Awareness Problems and the Solutions

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Appedology.com | Date: April 11, 2020 | Posted by: Admin | Category: Branding
11 Most Common Brand Awareness Problems and the Solutions


Here are the list of 11 most common Brand Awareness Problems and Solutions:

  1. No brand recognition will ruin a business before it even begins. Everyone would come to you for your product or service if no-one knows you exist. If this is an issue for your business, making people aware of it is an easy solution. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by social media. Make sure you’ve set up accounts on at least a few sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be active, and also post on these profiles.
  1. If you don’t show up on the search results on the first page somewhere, you can spend some time and energy improving the SEO on your website. SEO rankings can be influenced by several variables, such as keywords, names, meta descriptions, image text and more. When those portions of the site are not SEO friendly, you will lose lots of visits to the website. Luckily some great SEO resources can help fix this issue. SEOmator and SEOptimer are just two of the SEO auditing tools available. Put these to work for you to recognize what is affecting your SEO quicker and easier.
  1. You have a website full of blog posts and articles that nobody is reading. You seem to be wasting all the time and effort you invested in building your site, and you are discouraged. Do not throw in the towel beforehand. There is hope. Firstly, it is important to realize that simply filling a website with content does not raise awareness of you. They need to see it, which means there’s more work to do. Make sure your SEO rating is high and you’ll get results, double-check that your content really appeals to your target market, and then post it on social media sites.
  1. We can get publicity sometimes, but we do have trouble holding it. Our audience may be watching us but they are not involved. A problem like this can be solved fairly quickly with the use of interactive content. Host competitions, give them something free, share an infographic, or post a fun quiz or survey. Share anything which needs their involvement. For example, ask them to download an item or fill out a form to show a video, and see your commitment grow rapidly.
  2. One challenge faced by advertisers is that they target the wrong audience. An organization will see who they are coming to by testing analytics. If it’s not the target audience, it’s time to rethink the marketing plan and branding. Was there anything that can push the target market away in one of those areas? The wording may be, or even the offer? Study that consumers rediscover their preferences, dislikes and pain points to make sure the branding and marketing suit those factors.
  1. If you don’t get the amount of exposure and sales you’re looking for, there might be only a small number of people who are aware of you. If so, it’s time to step up the marketing efforts. Second, make sure you post on social media regularly. Invest in targeted advertising to be seen and make sure the advertisements are attentive to your target audience and important to them. Another way of raising awareness is to liaise with media influencers to help sell the product or service. Such influencers are individuals with a great following, and they are respected by individuals. Influencer strategies can change the success rate altogether.
  1. What happens when you face people with your advertising and content, but they don’t completely understand what you are or what you are doing? Well, most likely they won’t remember you when they need what you are selling because they don’t realize you are selling it. Aflac recently released an advertisement showing that most people misunderstood what Aflac is exactly. It is a fairly common problem. And how do you resolve that? The bottom line is you’ve got to be completely straightforward about your deals. Keep your definitions clear and plain, so that there is no misunderstanding at all.Understand that even if all the knowledge is transparent to you, you believe it. It’s new, to many and you’ve got to brand and sell it as if they’ve never heard of it before.
  1. If you pay due attention to SEO, you can see the impact on all your content, old and fresh. Nonetheless, marketers trip up when they rely on different branding and SEO efforts. By combining the two, you are effectively growing brand reach using organic traffic. The first step is to define which keywords are right for your brand and achievable in practical terms. If you rate high out of reach for the wrong keywords or aim out of reach for keywords, you’ll just keep battling.
  1. Creating amazing content isn’t enough, it has to be seen. It is important to get your content in front of the right people atany point in your marketing plan, but it is particularly important in the early days. The new infographic you produced may be rich in details and beautifully crafted, but when nobody knows where to find it, you won’t see high ROI.
  1. How many people know about your brand if you polled 100 prospects? Keep the number in mind. Now, how many of those customers have an exact idea of what your company has to offer? Did you change your number? That disparity was a major obstacle for one major electronics company. The marketing leaders noted, “we’re striving to reach the right people on a scale and educate them, but it’s hard to make a real impact on the scale [and] shift their view of the product.” While it might seem like a huge branding problem, there’s a content-driven solution to alter the view.
  1. Imagine someone giving megaphones to you and your rivals. Such megaphones are relatively similar, with the exception that each one has a volume setting a little higher than the next. You put on your megaphone and start talking, but no matter how hard you try, the person next to you is so loud that their voice drowns out. Annoying? It is important to watch how you match up against your rivals, with so much great content out there. You do so by controlling your share of the market. Measure the total number of keywords you care about as well as the traffic being generated from those keywords to get an idea of where you stand for organic reach.

Product recognition is an important part of an effective business. When customers don’t know you exist or appreciate what you are selling, so your best marketing efforts won’t translate into sales. Your company can not survive without sales. If you are looking for ways to strategize and market your business, please contact Appedology

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